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    //Too Cute For A Boy\\

    • Comment here first! Looking TRAP

    //Rules will be below the story. This is also my first post here on this site,  so I'm not sure how this post will look\\


    Today was a pretty exciting day.  Not only did I lose the bet last night so I had to dress up as a girl,  but I also had to wear that get up for the next 3 years. You had just about everything planned. You had our friends coming over to mock me. Plenty of snacks,  drinks and a nice,  fresh movie. Everything was set.  All you had to do was clean up and shower

    Hours later the party had started. I was pretty nervous and embarrassed about the whole situation, but a man of my word,  I did my part. With the help of a stylist I looked exactly like a girl. My chest was flat, my hips looked big in my clothes,  and oddly,  I was wearing lipstick. Walking into the house,  everyone stopped to look at me

    "Excuse me miss,  but can we help you?"

    "Hey,  chill out its just a lost traveler.  Hey pretty mama,  what's your name"

    "You ducking idiots,  it's me"

    My deep voice filled the room. Instead of laughter and mockery,  I got a butt load of compliments.  Some being,  "DAMN son you look better then my girl" and "If I was a guy and gay,  I'd totally smash that ass". My face was completely red.  I sighed and sat down. I really didn't know how I lost the bet. All I had to do was stay up all night,  but o got home from work that night late so I was tired. I shrugged and ate some food to wash away my worries. But that wasn't the real issue. You yourself had always hated mybguts even though we were friends.  Of course you had no issue seeing me like this because you usually dated girls and trap.  But the real problem was that,  you actually liked the way I looked. You sat on the couch with your friends while I sat on a recliner.  The other part of the deal was,  I also had to act,  sound,  and smell like a girl.  It wasn't as hard as it looked to be honest. I was sitting, hugging my knees while I watched the movie. When It ended,  everyone left.  I stayed only because I wanted to clean up and also ask your opinion. Surpringly, you wanted me to stay for the night.  Of course I was going to say no only because I don't do anything with other guys.  But since it was consideres part of the bet,  I sighed and agreed

    I went to take a shower as usual and then sat infront of the mirror, brushing through my hair. You then walked in,  hugging me feomnbehind as you smelled my hair and my body.  The string tank top I wore was hanging over my shoulder slightly. It was the most uncomfortable moment in my life for this moment to happen,  but I sucked it up.  Later,  when it was time for bed,  I went tonlay on the couch. But,  then I remembered you hated when I did that when I used to sleep over so I went to grab the spare sleeping bag to put it on the floor in your room.  You were already in bed half asleep.  Thinking about what else to do,  I noticed you had a lot of pillows,  so I walked over to you,  crawling over to grab a comfy one. That's when I thought you were asleep,  you grabbed me by the waist,  refusing to let go

    "OH SHIT"

    //just about every fetish is allowed minus latex,  BDSM, scat, gore,  vore, piss,  anything thats too weird and etc
    //this story can be prolonged

    //Arist is Ragwa

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