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    Noah Takumi
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     "It funny after all these years of saying we would actually get out of our gang and live right, we'd actually be going through with it right now. I remember how we were, young little brats with what we would say nothing to lose. After losing a few of our friends most of us are now trying to change. Even now I can't believe it, how we went from nerdy and angry to such sexy beast of the road... but all great things must come to an end. Right?" Nimi started moving her things into her new place with one of the friends she knew from her reckless days, right now she was still wondering how this would work out. After dropping out of school right when she thought she was going to be something, life got grim and turned her into someone she never thought she'd be. Yet she wasn't too far gone to get things back to normal when she figured out it would only get worse if she didn't look up. Now she was with her friend at least looking up for now, but she had other issues.

      Being in the gang Nimi went back and forth with Kai a guy that she thought was cool, and dangerous. Yet after the relationship went bad she caught her heart clinging to old memories, and her eyes started to open for the first time. When they did she realized something that would make this move the hardest on her, that the friend she had been putting off and away was a "Sexy devil". While moving she caught herself a few times taking glances at him from afar, blushing getting flustered with close contact. This made her feel foolish, he didn't see her like she saw him... Or he never showed it with his lack of interest in certain women, but slowly but surely she found herself falling for him despite that.

      "Hey I'm just about finished unpacking, need help?" She would ask walking over to him taking a hand through her hair as she eyed down the muscles down his stomach. "(So hot... He looks so hard, when did he get this strong?)" She wondered as she looked off in deep thought. "Oh right... unpacking. By the way... Are you putting on weight?" She would say with a non-nonchalant tone as if to keep him from thinking of why she might have been looking him over.

    [Nimi's clothing is much like what her picture is instead she's wearing laced panties and her out clothes are black and red.]
    [Top- Red cloth over the breast, black down the sides and around the back]
    [Bottoms- Black and Red Mini-skirt with white laced panties/stockings]

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