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Roleplay FAQs

  1. There are two main types of roleplay that you can on EcchiDreams. Public, and Private.

    Private Roleplay:

    This can be done in the EcchiTexts or the EcchiChat and is handled privately between any dreamer involved in the roleplay. We have a guide that has more information about how to approach other Dreamers, and how to use the Private Roleplayers Bulletin Board to advertise any private roleplays that you wish to partake in. 

    Public Roleplay:

    The public roleplay is handled within the Club system, which allows Dreamers to create their own Roleplay Clubs that they can self-moderate. You can create roleplays that anyone can join, or ones that are invite only. The club system provides great flexibility for Roleplay creators but it can get a little getting used to. We have created a guide to help those wanting to use the clubs to roleplay.

  2. The best way to get started in roleplaying on EcchiDreams, is to fill out a Roleplayers Preferences Sheet. If you're not sure on how to do it, then there is an easy to understand guide that we wrote on how to set up your own preferences sheet. This sheet lets other roleplayers see what you prefer when it comes to roleplay, such as doing sex only, or not interested in impregnation roleplays. 

    Next, you might want to decide if you're interested in doing Private, or more Public Roleplaying. Go for what you think is best for your own style. I would advise that you take a look at this etiquette guide which advises you on how to treat your fellow roleplayers both in, and our of roleplay.

    We have an ultimate guide on how to start roleplaying, especially for a beginner. It is called the Crash Course in Roleplaying, and gives a lot of hints and tips for roleplayers, both new and old and contains all the information you need.

    If you are new to setting up your own roleplay, then we also have a Game Master's guide which can be useful for both new Game Masters, and old. It details out all the things you should consider while setting up a roleplay, especially if it is complicated.

  3. Before you begin setting up your roleplay, you might want to read through the Game Master's Guide which gives you advice on things to consider when dreaming up your new roleplay, from the universe, to the plots involved. 

    When you come down to actually creating your club, the guide of Club Roleplaying and You gives you all the information you need to be able to create and set up your own club. It tells you all the tools you have available to you and how to utilise them.

    We also created this handy little guide on how to create a good Homepage for your Club that acts as the front door to your roleplay.

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