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You get many benefits to being a premium member the following is not a definitive list:

  • Gold and Platinum: Customisable Profile Backgrounds.
  • Gold and Platinum: Ability to insert Profile Videos. 
  • Gold and Platinum: Unlimited Gallery Usage (No max Bandwidth per day). 
  • Gold and Platinum: EcchiText Limitations
    • Normal: Able to store 500 conversations, only allowed to start 60 a day, 10 per minute. 
    • Gold: Able to store 5,000 conversations, only allowed to start 120 a day, 20 per minute. 
    • Platinum: No limits at all. 
  • Gold and Platinum: Max Number of EcchiText Recipients in one conversation.
    • Normal: 6 Recipients
    • Gold: 12 Recipients
    • Platinum: 18 Recipients. 
  • Gold and Platinum: Search Cooldown Improvements.
    • Normal: 20 Second Cooldown.
    • Gold: 10 Second Cooldown.
    • Platinum: 5 Second Cooldown.
  • Gold and Platinum: Increased Clubs.
    • Normal: Ability to run/own 6 clubs.
    • Gold: Ability to run/own 8 clubs.
    • Platinum: Ability to run/own 10 clubs.

There are more features being added over time.

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