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Vixen Bordock


Age: 18

Gender: Female

Religion: Christian

Species: Cyber Neko

Origin/Nationality: A small neko village in the eastern forest

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Weight: 102

Eye Color: Green

Hair color: Brown

Physical Description: She is flat stomach, curvy with a hourglass figure, two cyber ears on the top of her head and fangs and claws.

General Overview: She is a natural peoples pleaser, always wanting to bring smiles to their faces, whether it be through sex or other means. She will be stubborn if she feels like she is being used too much, but quickly forgets once put into a sexual trance through big cocks.

Strength, Skills, Abilities

Strengths: Natural agility, flexibility, and kind hearted.

Skills: Able to take cocks over foot long in all holes, along with floral arrangement, and natural conversationalist

Abilities: Enhanced sense of smell and hearing.

Weaknesses: Too friendly is her curse, getting her used over and over for sex. But eventually, she just thanks them for the fun.

Ambitions(Hopes/Dreams) She plans to have a world of peace, love, and zero judgment for what a person is or what they decide to do.

Hobbies/Interests: She enjoys clubbing, walking/jogging, hanging out with her friends and cats. Along with her sex addiction, she enjoys sex almost daily.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Turn ons: Bestiality, gangbang, public, BDSM, Incest.

Turn offs: Blood, scat, piss, humiliation unless during sex.

Family: 7 siblings( four brothers, 3 sisters), mother and father, plus a horny uncle that thinks of her as her girlfriend, which she don't mind

House: A nice, two story blue house in the suburbs of BlackBerry Falls. 4 bedroom, all her sisters get one, her brothers split two, and her mother and father get the master bedroom

Car: Not a car, but a bike as she likes to exercise.

Pets: Just a bunch of cats.

Criminal Record: Clean

Awards/Commendations: Voted Best floral shop in BlackBerry Falls

Bio: As a child, she was always happy with her family, no matter what they did. Why, her brothers would even gangbang her when she was 9 and never minded at all. Now that her father has retired, they all decided to move her father and mother to BlackBerry Falls, where they live in perfect harmony.

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Characters to roleplay with

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