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Incubus (Mabinogi) full 592079


Name: Nryal Comuckurus

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Religion: Mormon

Species: Incubus

Origin/Nationality: From the barren wastelands of the underground where all evil is born.

Occupation: A mercenary/pornstar. With his natural born charisma and high level of pain tolerance, he was born to kill and seduce.

Height:6 feet 5 inches

Weight:177 pounds

Eye color: Red

Hair color: Ginger light red

Physical Description: He is a well toned male, skin as pale as snow however. His horns curve on the side of his head, glowing a bright red color in the light. His cock size is 10 inches when flaccid, and a full 3 foot when erect. Since he wanted to be a mercenary, he had taken a lot of physical trauma in his lifetime, having scars around his chest that he usually hides with his Victorian-style clothing.

General Overview: For all we know, he can be sweet, bad, kind, harsh. It all depends on his prey. The prey is what makes him act like he does, only until he can find the one that he will truly spend the rest of eternity with will he show that he is a kind hearted, caring, understanding man that really shows passion for the one that can make his heart whole.

Strength, Skills, Abilities

(Strengths) Like all Incubus, he is known for his mental ability to seduce and arouse any woman that he may desire, along with having the physical prowess of a Lion, and the fact that he could go for days without ejaculating means that he could have a sex session go for as long as he wishes.

(Abilities) With his wings, he can fly and carry to as much as ten women in the air. Other abilities include the power to control other demons around him, Breathing a natural aphrodisiac into the air to make anyone and everyone crazy with lustful desire, no matter if it's private on in a public setting. And in the presence of a red moon, his power becomes amplified, giving him more endurance, charisma, strength, and stamina.

(Skills) He is a competent fighter, able to handle any weapon he gets his hands on. He clearly is a ladies man, since he has been born to seduce. Over the centuries, he has learned art, dancing, singing, and multitude of other talents.

Weaknesses: The only thing that can truly hurt him is holy objects or surrounded by a holy aura. A cemetery and Church for example, are sacred and forbidden grounds that he may not cross. Prolonged exposure to these auras or objects will result in harmful conclusions and most often, death.

Ambitions(Hopes and Dreams) He hopes to one day be the greatest pornstar in the land, every girl wanting him and every guy to want to be him. Then, he hopes to take over the rest of the world with sex, after gathering enough of a following to overrun all kingdoms that neighbor BlackBerry Falls.

Hobbies/Interests: Other then sex, he does find time to practice poetry, art, dancing and singing. These of course just tools for him to please his greatest interest, sex.

Sexual Orientation: He is Pansexual, not caring what sex is attracted to him, only that they admire him and want him.

Turn ons/Turn offs: Turn ons include but not limited to Nekos, gangbang, slavery, harems, BDSM, public sex, orgies, lactation, inflation of tits, ass and stomach from overloads of semen, big tits, over DD, big cocks, over 10 inches, bestiality, incest, and demons. Turn offs are feet, scat, piss, blood, and rape.

Family:2 sisters, 1 brother, mother and deceased father. His father unfortunately was a victim of my succubus mother. Before dying, he was able to give her enough semen to give birth to three fraternal quadtruplets, me being the first and the oldest, my brother following second and sisters following third and forth. My mother is now long since retired from the Succubus life and now lives in luxury in the Underworld with her ogre slaves.

House: It was a Black, Victorian styled house that they grew up in, since their mother was the greatest Succubus whore in the underworld. A black gate stood infront, blocking anyone from entering the damned housing. Even in the underworld, there were plants that would grow and be kept by the male and female maid slaves. The interior was that of the demonic kind, black skull shaped marble was designed into the beams, along the walls as well. There were four rooms, the master and 3 suites. The two sisters shared one, where his brother and him got separate rooms as well as the mother.

Car: Living the life of a promising porn star and mercenary does have it's advantages, along with the money that his mother gave after her retirement, he owns a garage of top of the line Lamborghini's, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce's.

Pets: Interested in Bestiality, he owns nothing but the most exotic animals. From lions to snakes to elephants, he spares nothing but the finest animals.

Criminal record: Clean at the moment.

Awards/Commendations: He has only been a porn star for a year but he soon nominated for the adult award 'Best fuck in the land' With his many showings of his horse like dick. He hopes to win along with many other awards and also be known for his killing ability by the Mercenary community.

Bio: Growing in a Succubus home was tough. He was obverse his own mother getting fucked before his young eyes, such trauma would cause normal kids to despise and loth their mother. Though as he grew up, he found his mother and sisters had the perfect life, along with his brother and himself. At the age of 18, he finally moved out and went on in the word, disguising his Incubus identity to only those that he would seduce or kill. He decides to up mercenary work, seeing as he is a natural seduce killer. After 20 years of killing with sex, he finds that living a simple life would be perfect since he had gained enough riches. He finds out about BlackBerry Falls from a Advertisement and thinks it's the perfect place to live. Soon, he auditions for a porno flick, starting in his first porno and becomes a celebrity almost over night.

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