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Cute, luscious Victoria


Character Identity Information

Name: Victoria Breslimac





Origin/Nationality: Tokyo, Japan.


Physical Appearance

Height:5 foot 4 inches


Eye Color:Green

Hair Color:Pink

Physical Description:Smooth, light complexion, large breasts, look to be about DDD/E cup size. Her lips

though small are able to give the sweetest and smoothest blowjobs you could imagine. Her butt is a nice round, heart like shape that compliment her natural curves and legs. On her leg, a Butterfly tattoo of three bright colors, being green and pink and yellow.

Personality, Traits and Abilities

General Overview: She was raised in a privileged household with her mother as a shrine maiden and her father a priest. She always thought she would be a shrine maiden but found that the lifestyle would be too boring. She is a girl that loves adventure, excitement and unique people. Even though this tends to get her in some unique situations, she always thinks that It could always be worse.

Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Some of this young girls strengths lie within her heart. She always cared about her family, friends more then she would of her own well being. Even with a kind heart though, she had to learn some skills at to defend herself. She had studied a little martial arts since her father did it as a child for self defense and passed it on to her. She is also a qualified seamstress and actress as anyone would know if they saw her one woman shows on the internet, in minor theatres or at children's birthday parties. As a daughter of a shrine maiden, she has minor detection powers to where she can detect a demons presence, though it is not a strong one, she can at least avoid the minor demons. She is also incredibly durable and has excellent stamina, which means she can really take a pounding.

Weaknesses: Her only weakness would have to be she is too trusting, too caring and too naïve. These weaknesses make her a prime rape target. And because of her 'could be worse' attitude, she always thinks that getting raped is almost the best thing that could happen to her.

Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): For all the bad in the world, Victoria believes that it is perfect. Her dreams and hopes lie within the goodness that all people will come to understand that we are all created equal, not be separated by race, religion, sex, or how we were born.

Hobbies and Interests: She loves playing games such as cards, board games, video games. Along with dancing and hanging out with friends. Since she is always getting fucked by strangers, she has developed a sex drive that of a porn star, enjoying it whenever given it, but never really asks for it which does not bother her.

Sexual Orientation:Bi-curious

(OPTIONAL!)Turn ons/offs: She gets turned on by girls touching and playing with her, guys with above average cocks, gangbang, demons, public, lactation, impregnation, inflation, and Incest. Since she is not all that familiar with it, she believes bestiality is gross, along with blood, scat, piss, and vomit.

Extra Information

Family: A brother(Drake,21) A sister(Martha,20) Mother(Kay, 47) Father(Duke, 51)

House: shrine one floor house with a big beautiful garden and plenty of space in the country side of Japan, and a Beach house is BlackBerry by the falls and ocean

Car: No car yet

Pet: Just one cat


Criminal Record:Clean


Bio: She has always been a peoples pleaser, even with her family. Growing up, she would help her mom with house work and shrine work as well along with her father, while also getting taught martial arts for defense. Her sister being 2 years older would always tease her, saying she had the bigger boobs and Victoria would pout and say she had bigger ones. Her brother was her best friend, along with her first. At the age of 16, Drake made Victoria into a woman by taking her virginity which she does not regret. Every summer since then, the family had always taken a vacation to BlackBerry falls to enjoy the sunshine and the world famous blackberry picking bushes.

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