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Unknown Keza'maraki

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A girl who had everything in the world at her disposal...

A girl who lived for herself and for excess...

A girl who mysteriously disappeared one day...and was deleted from history...

Returned to home, she did one day...only to burn it down.

That girl who returned...was not the same one who left...

Believed to an unique life form who go by the name 'Counter Guardians', those demigods who are considered to be part of nature. Keepers of the status quo, they defend the greater cosmos from perceived threats to the cosmic order called reality. Their interests are neutral in the sense that they come from no one person in particular or perhaps any being at all. Though, whether that's a good thing is debatable. Their 'reason' is cosmic in scale and so are their responsibilities and abilities. As beings considered to be part of nature or natural phenomenon by themselves, they can conceal their existence from mortals...even while attacking. While the results can be seen, their own presence cannot be detected with normal means as their non existence is automatically assumed by people. Whether of science or of magic, both kinds cannot detect them as they are born blind to them. The blindness to the existence of Counter Guardians is both an evolutionary byproduct and as a designed trait. Boosted by evolution only in the sense that people who could not see or detect the Counter Guardians lived and those that could died, the original blocking survived. It has to be remembered that not all traits passed on by evolution are useful or even beneficial.

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