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Alleyne Lancaster

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Character Identity Information

Name: Alleyne Lancaster

Age: She is the equivalent of 26 in Human Years

Gender: Female

Religion: None

Species: High Elf

Origin/Nationality: American

Occupation: Police Officer

Physical Appearance


Height: 170cm

Weight: 58kgs

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blonde

Physical Description: A elven girl that's reasonably tall, light and for some odd reason has significantly toned muscles. Though her arms and legs don't look like they are strong, one must not underestimate her. Must have been practicing sword play, this one. As an elf, she is quite agile and fast on her feet.


Personality, Traits and Abilities

General Overview: An interesting person, she is. She can be seemingly quiet and serene one moment before becoming a merciless whirlwind the next. Much like water, the situation and the environment around her determines what she decides to do. A rather flexible person who can adapt to situations that others can't handle. However, this flexibility comes at a price. Given her high stress and high risk job, she finds it hard to wind down and relax. She is usually on guard and ready to strike at a moment's notice. Letting others get close to her is not an easy option to her.

Strengths, Skills and Abilities:

Temporal Awareness: The ability to be aware or sense instinctively the manipulation of time. Active as long as she conscious and alive, she can only instinctively sense that time is off, not the extent or cause.

Stop/Slow Resistance - A rather strange ability she has is innate resistance to temporal manipulation from multiple sources, that protects her in some ways from being slowed down or stopped via time magic or time dilation technology. 

Healing Magic: Originally, this elf wanted to be a travelling doctor of sorts and help others. However, that was before a certain event in her life happened. It was this same event that gave her the dislike of technology and her fear of elemental magic. Since she could not use elemental magic, she learnt healing and support magic instead. Quite useful to learn as she gets injured a lot in her line of work.


Incredibly stubborn and sometimes single-minded about things

Hides incredible animosity/fear towards Ice Magic and her old City.

When angered, she is not easy to calm down.

Nervous when it comes to elemental magic.

Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams):

To clean up crime.

Finding the person that killed her parents.

Getting a good night's sleep for once


Hobbies and Interests:

Catching Criminals





Father: Leonard Lancaster (Deceased) 

Mother: Alicia Lancaster (Deceased)

Sibling: Flectcher Lancaster - Younger Brother (Deceased)

House: Currently lives in with David Liu's eccentric uncle, who works for the Blackberry Police Department in the Research and Development Division. 

Car: One Silver Lexus LS 460H (Sports Luxury Model Config).


Criminal Record:

-A few internal complaints regarding treatment of suspects, she tends to be a bit rough.


A few commendations given by the police for acts of bravery, more than just saving cats out of trees. Quite a few of them were for handling armed robbers or helping subjugate violent offenders.
A few community service awards given by the government of the city for services dedicated to helping the community.


While Alleyne does not like talking about her past very much and is loathe to share it with strangers, it would be possible to learn what happened to her if one got close enough. What is known is that her parents migrated to a city close to Blackberry from a far away land, one where opportunity for elves were limited. While the land her parents came from was peaceful and beautiful, it did not have the economic and social opportunities that her parents wanted. What they wanted was for themselves to have wider and more comfortable options in life, to be able to pursue whatever dream they had. When they first moved to that city, there were not many elves of their kind living there. They kind of stood out oddly and attracted both positive and negative forms of attention. While they did not start with that much, her parents worked hard and managed to get to make a comfortable living for themselves. It took them at least 15 years of work from when they arrived but they were at a place they were happy to start a family at. A year past and Alleyne was born to two very happy parents. Life was simple and relatively care free then, with her parents comfortably set up in their new home. Yes, back then...in the days where the city was relatively peaceful and the environment better. However, Alleyne's birth was just before the big growth spurt that the city was going to experience. With it came good and bad, more opportunities to win and lose. With the good came more choice and diversity, more industry and opportunity. Yet...with the bad, came the pollution, crime, larger losses and struggles.

Such was the nature of things, where both costs and benefits come and go. Alleyne, as she grew up, began to see such things affect the city and those around her. While she saw what was good in the city while in her childhood and adolescence, she would get a rude awakening to what was bad. On the day of her 19th birthday, she came home to find her entire family flash frozen, encased in ice. She ran over to them to try to free them but...their dead, frozen bodies broke in her hands. The building darkness of the city had now shown its face. At the time, the police tried in vain to solve this case...and the other linked cases. It was proposed that all these disparate and seemingly random killings had two things in common, they were all killed the same way and frozen flowers were left before all victims. However, the case soon turned cold as there were no leads. These came to be known as the Winter murders, after the way the victims were frozen.

She changed that day...

Swearing vengeance on the killer of her family, she trained hard daily...her heart hardened and sealed itself away. However, nothing would prepare her for her seeming destiny. On her 21st Birthday, she encountered something out of this world. It would have almost been her last, had it not been for the intervention of another. The Masked Man in Red, who was called Drive. The Man asked nothing of the woman whom he saved, leaving her be after making sure she was somewhere safe.  Alleyne often wonders where they came from and what they wanted. She tried tracking the Red one but to no avail. Events would soon lead her to Blackberry City, where she hoped to escape her haunting memories.

She is currently a guest of someone who happens to be some sort of inventor, though of what she does not know. She doesn't really care much about that, given that she does not understand all that high technology.

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