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Katie Keza'maraki


This is Katie Keza'maraki, mother to Tripp, Neko-Chan, Kat and the others. She was never able to raise them, as their father locked her away and forced her to breed children while he pushed them into adoption. She was eventually released by another brother who thought her confinement cruel. She ran off and came across Tripp who took her in and introduced her to her children which were mainly adults. As well as a few Grandchildren. They were also accepting her. She was finally becoming happy when Aleksandr took over and forced her to become a Breeding Queen to produce disposable whores. She was finally rescued by Wolfie, who had came across her in heat and she just about raped him, and had to try to come to terms that her 'God' was dead and that the son she was carrying was doing to die soon after he was born. Hours after she gave birth to Wolfy, she and the child disappeared. They returned a few hours later with Wolfy looking to be around for about 11 years old, and she appeared better physically and mentally. She refused to say where she had disappeared to, but insists that they trust her. Since then she has been driving all over the world with her son, Wolfy.

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