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Chaos Hero - The Demi Fiend.


Ah, the Demi Fiend.

Was once a human living a regular life on an Earth not too dissimilar to this one. Had friends and had a crush on their teacher. One day, they went to visit their teacher at the Shijuku Medical Center, a center that was in the news for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, the Center had links to strange rumors and stories about experiments on humans and sightings of unearthly things. Around the same time, there were riots of the streets of Tokyo between two rival groups that had newly emerged. However, this would soon be irrelevant. As soon as his friends and himself entered the hospital, they found it devoid of anyone at the front. Searching around the hospital, he found...someone there. Upon his encounter with this mysterious individual, he was almost killed when this mysterious individual summoned a demon. Well, he would have been if his teacher hadn't intervened on his behalf. Apparently, this man and his teacher...were involved in something big. Following his teacher to the roof of the hospital, the teacher revealed to him...that the world was going to end and everyone outside the Shijuku Medical Center would die...

Believing that the world as it was could not be saved and having no belief in themselves to change it, the teacher had made a deal with the mysterious individual to end the world as they knew it. As the boy watched the world disappear in front of him, the world destroyed instantly by an unearthly light...a mysterious child-like voice called to him. Seemingly innocent and yet full of forbidden knowledge, they whispered secrets into the boy's mind before changing them. The world as it was had ended and returned into a primordial state called the Vortex World. There, a new Order could be created.

That boy...from that point on...was no longer human. Changed by the mysterious child into a daemon via the cursed parasite called Magatama. He was selected by forces beyond mortal comprehension as the Chooser of the Reason for the new world, that which determines the Order by which reality follows. Giving only enough information to stir his curiosity and enough power to survive, the boy would have to fight for his life...and for the world with his own hands. And yet, despite being a Daemon, a human heart still beat in him.

He saw the rise of Reasons authorized by the Great Will, using his friends as avatars and promoters. They were no longer recognizably his friends but strange beings wanting nothing more than to form their new Cosmic Order. To fight them...and return everything to normal, he sought power and knowledge. Deeper into the mystery of this Vortex World, he went learning all he could about it. Yet, the more he learnt, the less he wanted to return things back. The whispers of the forbidden child were getting to him, promising more and more.

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