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Name: Artemis

Original Name: Mina

Also known as: The Slayers of Heroes, The Hero Nobody Knows.

Original Universe: The Border, a mysterious place between Realities.

Age: Looks between her mid-late twenties.

Race: Conceptual Spirit

Sex: Female

Hair: Long, light and wispy blond hair that looks dazzling if left loose. Naturally groups together into 'streaks'.

Eyes Colour: Sapphire Blue.

Skin Tone: Fair

Height: Variable. Ranging from 140cm to 185cm

Weight: 42kg to 60kgs

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious.

Personality: It appears as if Artemis has matured since we last met her. She is no longer that inexperienced girl she was so long ago. She now is a confident, active woman that knows what she wants and tries her best to get it. She is now quite patient and understanding, having lost the hot-headedness of the Sovereign Sword and from experience. She tries to get a fuller understanding of situations before acting, if time permits it. Her friends value her honesty, patience and all around good nature. Despite looking a dignified and a bit aloof, she is quite a romantic...and a bit perverted if that makes any sense. Due to certain life experiences, she has let her hair down a bit around the issue of sex. She does love it and is willing to explore.

Mental Issues: Unknown

Blood Type: None.

Weapon Preference: Prefers sword-type weaponry but can use most other types of weapons.

Skills and Powers:

Immunity to Some Biological and Chemical Agents: Due to her now being a powerful Conceptual Spirit, her body operates differently compared to humans. While she does look human, the fact is that is a higher existence. Her appearance is only due to the fact the Sovereign Sword based its appearance on Mina. Despite that, it did not have to become human to look human. This being appears to operate without any known biological features. It does not bleed blood but mana, which is what sustains the spirit. Having no biological systems, some biological and chemical agents have no effect on her. It is also the case that Artemis cannot do the things that humans need to do like sleep or eat.

Great Mastery of Swords and Weapon Knowledge - She has drastically improved her knowledge of combat over the years of her existence from what she was previously. No longer just bound to swords, she can fight competently with numerous weapons. Though her hand-to-hand skills is still sub-par, it will be hard to get her to that state as she seems armed almost all the time.

Magical Blacksmithing: She is able to create, upgrade, repair and restore magical and non-magical weapons through means of physical infrastructure (like a complete blacksmith's forge) or even just herself (through magical means). As long as she has the requisite knowledge and components of the weapon she is making, she can make it.

Master Mana Injection

High All-round stats

Reality Marble: ???


Cannot really effectively operate without mana in the air or a supply of it somewhere on her person.

Vulnerable to psychic attacks and exorcism/anti spirit magics due to her past.

Weapons made by her through magical means are a bit weaker than they would be if she took the longer route. That is the penalty for taking a shortcut!

Bio: After trying to find ways of getting stronger in the library of Thorndown Uni without success, Artemis was almost ready to give up. That was until, her boyfriend Elwe, suggested a place that they could go to achieve just that...and have a picnic together. Seeing that opportunity, Artemis, Elwe, and Taylor went off to that place. Both Artemis and Elwe that the thing inside Taylor was evil and had to be destroyed. Yet, they had little idea just what they were dealing with. Upon arrival to the distant island, they sent about looking for the place Elwe described. However, a strong demon had taken residence on the island without Elwe's knowing and it considered all of them intruders. After separating Elwe, Taylor and Artemis from each other, it attacked Artemis first...raping her with its tentacles covered in a liquid known to drive its victims mad with lust while draining her of her powers. Unfortunately, Taylor found his way to her first before Elwe came on the scene. Upon seeing Artmeis being raped by the demon, seemingly enjoying it and her calling out Elwe's name, Taylor went mad and killed himself. He knew, by doing this, he would unleash what was inside of him. He was the only one who really knew what was in there. He just didn't care anymore about anything, including Artemis. Upon killing himself with the Atelier, what was inside Taylor unleashed itself on the island.

A terrible thing it was, such things should not exist. It was a World Soul, one so infected with evil that it could be stated correctly that it was made of it. Even though evil has no form or essence or even independent existence, this thing had it all. It was a World Soul, that had a permanent Reality Marble the depth of a galaxy around it that converted all to evil that it touched. As evil does not exist as a property in this world, all things touched by that are instantly destroyed by Order. The demon, seeing this new threat, released Artemis and attacked the new entity. The demon died quickly, no match for this new entity. Elwe and Artemis prepare themselves for this new battle. Though for some odd reason, the entity gave Artemis a chance to heal and take all the 'power' of the island. It said, "Take what you will but it will do you no better."

That was the opponent they were facing...one that they could never conceivably defeat. Try as they might (and try, they did) they couldn't even hurt it. However, they were not alone in this. Upon its appearance on the island, forces from the Celestial Kingdom. Pugatorio and the Spiritual Federation came to engage the entity in battle. The Angels and Demons fought it as well but no avail. The weapons the first few squadrons of angels and demons bought to it were not effective against it. Even the Spiritual Federation, who did bring weapons that were effective could not kill it. It took the intervention of Indrist, one of the most powerful Spirits of the Federation and a UENP (Universal Epitome Noble Phantasm) to finally beat the damn thing. Indrist used one of the most powerful artifacts he possessed, the Noble Phantasm called Vengeance in combination with a Akashic Enchantment (that only agents of Akasha or Liberated can use).

Post battle, Artemis fell into a deep depression. Feeling responsible for Taylor's degradation and death, her utter humiliation to the demon and her failure to kill the entity, she tried to kill herself. However, with Elwe's help...she managed to get it under control and experience some happiness for once. However, that happiness was short-lived. The Sovereign Sword was seething with anger and resentment for being beaten so easily and so reached out for a new master. It found one in the form of Ozymandias, the greatest Heroic Spirit. Ozymandias heard the Sovereign Sword's call and given that he wanted it as a rare, one-of-a-kind collectible went to it. He would have to face Elwe and Artemis in combat...though to him, that was not much of a threat. For a being who conquered worlds and kingdoms, two people were nothing. Ozymandias stole the Sovereign Sword from Artemis and severed the link between the two and was about to dispose of the two if it wasn't for the intervention of a Counter-Guardian who detected the presence of Ozymandias. Ozymandias was not well-liked by the Counter-Guardians, to put it lightly, due to the amount of disorder he inevitably caused and the fact that they knew not who controlled him. In the battle between the Counter-Guardian and Ozymandias, a massive rip in the fabric of reality was formed that sucked the weak Artemis out of reality...

That would have been the end for her, drifting and disappearing into nothingness...

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