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Walter Masters


Name: Walter Masters

Nickname/Codename: The Enforcer, Nazca.

Age: 23.

Race: Human?

Gender: Male

Origin/Nationality: Birthplace is classified, American nationality

Height: 190cm

Weight: 79kg

Hair colour and description: A rather stark white colour, bone white. It looks as if any colour it may have had in it has been leached out. Straight, long and silky hair that seemed well kept and looked after.

Eye colour: Olive Green

Skin colour: Caucasian

Body type: Look and picture and decide because I'm not sure how to describe it.

Blood type: Unknown

Physical Description: A rather tall and handsome looking mystery man whose eyes seem to penetrate deep into the depths of others. His body is muscular but not so much to be mistaken as a bodybuilder. He is certainly fit and strong though. Well-toned and developed muscles are possessed by this man. He has scars all over his body and his skin is a bit dry and weathered despite being young. Can be called a bishounen but there are cracks in the image.

Clothes and styling: Mostly long sleeve shirts and long pants that make him look elegant. He does not often wear more casual gear like Tshirts and singlets. He does wear track gear and sweat shirts when working out.


Mysterious Hero Quality: As of yet, it is unknown what exactly this does. It may have some bearing on some of his other powers though.

T2 'Nazca' Gaia Memory - Owns the Gaia Memory known as 'Nazca', short for ;Champion Sword of the Nazca Clan'. The Gaia Memory itself is said to give swordmanship skill in a scaled fashion, more powerful and compatible users are allowed to access more of its power. As a high level T2 Gaia Memory, it has more power than its T1 little brother variant. The exact powers of this Gaia Memory are not known fully as it has been newly extracted from the Gaia Library.

Extended Senses: This man's senses are heightened and so he is able to pick up additional information with all the senses. Admittingly, it also means that he has some trouble dealing with extreme and bothersome stimuli.


While he certainly is physically fitter, stronger and faster than humans, he is not exactly as mighty as beings like elves, giants, anthropomorphs and so on.

He is mortal and obviously can be killed, maimed, incapacitated and so on.

Nekojita Tongue - Cannot stand food that is too hot or cold, temperature wise. Also, can't stand spicy food.

Extreme stimulus like REALLY bad ordors, super loud noises don't do him much good.


Sword Wielding

Using Technology


Weapon Preference: Swords, guns.

Personality: He keeps a distance from people as he's not quite sure how to act like himself. A bit confused about socialising normally (in non crisis situations). When crises hit, he is often the one to take charge and give orders. Can be domineering. It takes a bit to make him warm up to people but those with the patience are rewarded back. Doesn't often involve himself with others' personal problems unless asked or that it endangers others.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Mental Disorders:

Medical Disorders:

Bio: One of the original Gaia Avatars rescued from the WOSS' Gaia Memory Project. Walter was rescued from WOSS' maximum security facility by the mysterious Kamen Rider along with Avril. Despite escaping the facility and getting to an abandoned airstrip, Avril and Walter were forced onto an awaiting plane while Kamen Rider bought time for them to escape. Neither of them saw the result on the battle and since there was no contact since then, they assumed Kamen Rider was dead. After landing in another country, they were dropped off in another abandoned airfield and left to fend for themselves. It looked like those who had been paid by Kamen Rider to rescue the two had betrayed them at the very end.

Being forced to fend for themselves in a country they didn't know, they were soon separated when they found themselves in the middle of a battle between the Neko Resistance and the Humanity Front. Avril managed to get away as Walter created a distraction. He would have either been killed or captured by either side if it wasn't for the Eyeless Maiden finding him first. He was mysteriously taken away from the battlefield undetected by the Eyeless Woman to a safe place. This would be the place where he would stay for quite some time. While the Eyeless Maiden did not say very much during the time Walter spent with her, she have him a food, shelter and for some odd reason, training. She trained him in the arts of fighting and when the day came where she told it it was time to leave, she gave him the Sword Driver and the T2 Nazca Memory.


© bonjour Bof 4 drawing On gelbooru
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