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James Dellinger


Name: James Dellinger?

Physical Age: 25

Race: Neko/Liberated

Nick/Code Name: Assassin from Akasha, Deleter

Gender: Male

Origin: Body belongs to Earth.

Nationality: British?

Height: 185cm

Weight: 80kg

Hair colour and description: This being does style their jet black hair very much, preferring to leave it a bit messy and short. As long as it doesn't hinder vision, any style is okay.

Eye colour: Golden

Skin colour: Rather pale, almost as if this person were dead...


Body-Spirit Augmentation: An ability that allows the temporary lifting of physical statistics by using spiritual power and energy belong the maximum allowed by one's present physical condition. This simply allows the user to do things that it could not ordinarily do otherwise. However, this ability has two associated costs. Not only does it drain mana, the rate of depletion increasing as time goes on but it also damage the body as it is forced to do what it is physically incapable of doing. Performing the augmentation either at high levels and/or for long periods of time is not recommended due to risks of permenant injury or death.

Racial Illict Ability - Assimilation: An ability rarely found among the Spirits, this ability is considered a top secret art among those who know it. It is said that there is a 'tribe' of Spirits who have mastered and internalised the technique to such an extent that they can pass it on to the next generation 'genetically'. How they did this, no one knows. However, Spirits do know what the price was for that achievement: Total Isolation. What this technique does is for a Spirit to possess another being (they have to be alive) and devour their soul from the inside, taking over the body and absorbing what power and knowledge the soul had. Luckily, the target will not die when this is done unless someone kills the person who is targetted. This skill can only be used on things that have souls. Also, the cost of the ability is fixed so targets must be above the cost of the ability for the use of the ability to be profitable. One must also consider that there will be a loss of Magic Circuits and Spiritual Material when Assimilating a target, how much will depend on the skill of the user. Also, to use this ability, one must be a Spirit and that one must first leave the host body to travel to the target. During this period, the Spirit is especially vulnerable to spirit based and exorcism type magics.

Illicit Ability - Mysterious Mystic Eyes: Mystic Eyes is a family of abilities that allows the user to 'see' visually what being cannot normally see. From the ability to see ghosts to the ability to see possible futures, Mystic Eyes are quite numerous. This being has a quite rare and mysterious Mystic Eye ability. Currently, no one except them knows what it is.

Magic Sword: The ability to use supernatural power to augment one's swordskills. Paladins and Magic Knights are prime examples of those who know the art of the Magic Sword.


Exorcism magic or anti-spirit techniques.

Vulnerable to massive damage due to being a fleshie

Overuse of Mystic Eyes will result in death.

Use of Mystic Eyes may result in the appearance of a Counter Guardian.

No healing techniques.

Personality: In public, he is quite the ladies' man and player. He enjoys life to the full, often to excess. Often seen trying his luck with the ladies, he doesn't seem to be the serious sort. In fact, it doesn't seem that long term commitments are on the agenda for him. However, this is just a facade. His private face is a lot different. He is actually quite a serious and sincere being with a large romantic streak. Yet, this is accompanied by what can only be described as malaise or angst. Something terribly bothers him to the extent that he seems much sadder when people get to know him than when they don't. Why exactly he is like this, no one knows.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Physical Description:

Blood type: A+


Supernatural Sword Skill.

Quiet, Quick and Efficient Movement aka. Sneaking


Weapon Preference: Swords or slashing weapons.

Bio: The story that he will tell you is that he is a rather rich tourist from a foreign land far from Blackberry City. While he says his home country is nice and quiet, he does admit that it is hard to get to. However, he will try to avoid talking about it if he can. The story that the Church will tell you is that this man is one of their agents, those of the Sword. Those of the Sword accompany 'Those of the Word' as both protection for the spreading of the word as well as...enforcing the Word. There are various branches of 'Those of the Sword' that have different functions to them. This individual belonged to the Punishers of Sin, a branch dedicated to the...eradication of those considered sinful. Despite what the Church may say, this branch are mere sellswords and hitmen. However...the person does not seem to know this.

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