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Avril Fox


Name: Avril Fox

Race: Human?

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Origin/Nationality: American??

Height: 169cm


Hair Colour and style: Long metallic silver hair (down to the thighs) that is well kept and maintained. She wears a variety of hair styles, some of them simple and others more complicated depending on what she feels like.

Eye Colour: Ocean Blue

Skin Colour: Fair.


Avril has a mysterious air around her at all times, something that seems odd about her. She is calm and collected person who often acts a bit reserved around strangers. To those she knows, she is rather warm and caring. She largely thinks before she acts and attempts to be understanding and compassionate. She does not seem to get angry very often nowadays. However, she also is a bit absentminded and clumsy at times, for reasons unknown. Her attention sometimes drifts off to other things and things don't get done.

Body Type: Slender, hourglass shape.

Blood Type: AB+

Abilities: Unknown

Medical Conditions: None

Mental Conditions: Believes in imaginary friends...hears voices...


Physically weak and mortal, she does need protection from direct attacks



Using computers



Not much is known what happened to Avril before she arrived at the Fox household all those years ago. Nothing in her luggage suggests a birthplace or even a home address. She never talked about her parents or why they abandoned her, always changing the subject or getting strangely emotional about it. All she had with her when she arrirved were a suitcase full of necessities and another that she would not let anyone open. Each time Justin or his parents asked her about it, she always tell them never to open it. Justin has tried to open the suitcase himself several times in the past, when Avril was not around to stop him but could never open it. Something kept that thing shut real tight! Needless to say, she ALWAYS seemed to know when someone tried to open the case for she would always get mad at Justin for attempting to open it. She always end up forgiving him though, she couldn't stay mad at him for long. As they grew up together, Avril opened up bit by bit to them until she seemed pretty much like part of the family.

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