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Veniamin Bearavich Menshikov

Name: Veniamin Bearavich Menshikov  

Date of Birth: December 24 ,1834

Age: 56

Gender: Male

(Optional) Religion:

Species: human 

Origin: Town of Tuksa, Maskurg empire

Nationality: Maskurgian

Occupation: store owner 


Physical Appearance


Height: 6’7”

Weight: 300 lbs

Eye Colour:  brown

Hair Colour:  dirty blonde 

Physical Description: tall and muscular, he has a very strong jaw line. He is built like a bear what his dad called him, with a stocky build that makes him into quite the tank. He has quite an intense stare to him, and can be kind of intimidating especially to those that do not know him. He also has a shaved head. He is a very clean shaved man. Even for his age he has a strong gaze with his eyes.  


Personality, Traits and Abilities 


General Overview: One’s first impressions of Veniamin is that he is quite a boisterous man. He is quite loud, and rowdy, especially when he has had more than usual to drink. Thus when things get rowdy and fun, he is one of the first to jump into it and be the life of the party. He is an honourable man, with a strict sense of ethics and morals which give him a strong sense of justice. He does not like to see others bullied, or attacked for selfish or sadistic reasons, and will not hesitate to pull out a gun on such occasions. He is a very resourceful man, able to make do with what he has. This trait really shows itself when he is modifying and repairing guns, as he seems to be able to take parts from broken guns and create fully functional weapons. He is quick tempered, though which means that one has to be careful unless they wish to be on the receiving end of his volatile temper. 

Strengths, Skills and Abilities: He is a very good marksman from all the guns he works with he made one. He is skilled in unarmed combat, and fights bears for fun, He is also a master crafter, with a speciality in guns. He is so strong he can lift logs with his bare hands even two over his shoulders. He is also a good meat skinner as well and bear rider. He is a big game hunter bigger and the badder the animal he has hunt at one point 

Weaknesses: the tank of a man he is slower in movement speed, and boobs

Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): His hopes and dreams is to make some of the best guns out there or go on an avenger one last time before he gets too old too.

Hobbies and Interests: He loves guns so much he likes to try and make random broken guns that fail. He has an iron liver; he can out drink anyone as long as he is drinking this drink called vodka as well as a similar drink called Valka. He loves to sing his country anthem when he is in a heavy drunken state, and bear wrestling.


Personal Sexual Information


Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Turn ons:Boobs just boobs

Turn offs: no boobs

Penis Length: 13”

Sensitivity: low unless there are boobs then mid 

Additional Sexual Information: if you have boobs this bear will love you for a long night 

STD History: clean


Extra Information


Father: Bear Bearavich Menshikov

Mother: Nakita Menshikov

Siblings: only child 

Grandparents: Bear Bearavich Menshikov 



Pet(s): He has a female kodiak bear named Yamashiro or Yama for short 

Weapons: He is the solo owner and creator of the crusader pump shotgun, and a LaMat revolver 

Additional information:




Awards/Commendations: Maskurg Medal of Bravery.

Criminal Record: He has had a few reprimands, but never any formal charges.

Bio:  In the year 1834 Christmas of that year a very snowy winter of a small town called Tuksa within the Maskurg Empire, a young boy named Veniamin Bearavich Menshikov was born and he was a big boy from the start. Venianmin or bear was always a big kid and all of his childhood friends and family called him a little bear because of his size of 5’6” at the age of 5. His Grand-dad and his father and even his mother went hunting every chance they took and it helped Veniamin grow already bigger as the time went one he loved to hunt fish and if there was a gun involved he loved it more. At the age of 13 he killed his first bear with only a knife that he had on him when he was out fishing and skinned the bear and wears its head has a fur hat all the way till he went to boot camp till his head out grew the bear head but by this time the 16 year old was about 200 pounds of muscle and about 6’0” at the age of 16 the tallest and biggest of that year of training at boot camp and on the say day there was a high ranking general of the army went down to the young bear to try to fill the younger teens mind of war and bloodshed and after that day he started 2 years younger in army training at the age of 16 instead of boot camp. In the army training they put him through made him grow in both height and muscle mass in only 2 years he looked like he was in his mid 20s but he was just a boy and on his 19th birthday is finlale day of training then off to the real hell the battle he was thrown to. Even for is size and at a way younger age he had a lot longer grind then the others did to grow in rank a lot of high ranks hated to think a kid being above them and I tell you this the mission they place this young bear would put hell to shame and yet he still walks after the missions the higher ranks give him. It took one of the many heads of their army to see what the young bear was able to do in one skirmishes he and 3 other Maskurg’s took on a how phoot like 20 men abuse the the man scouting team and he was the lucky one out of the 2 brothers that fell but they took out all 20 men with what they had and there hands took the the injured bear a few weeks to get back to camp to give a report what happen and thing changed for this bear for the better. He was place in a squadron where he would be part of a team and a squad for the next coming years he was in is 29 at this point and only up a few ranks but he was just happy going somewhere and making more brothers in arms somewhere from his small hometown and some of the guys got him to start drinking stuff called Vodka and that started his long road to drinking and it added a mean temper to him if he was not drinking and it did get him in to trouble at times but he was need in the squad so the where force to keep a drunken bear but made sure he got less or better not drinking on missions, and at the same time he also learned what boobs where and ever since he loved them a lot. He was not real good with the ladies when it comes to talking but thanks to his muscles he was able to see quite a lot of the boobs he loved so much hack his squad would give him hell for it at times. 


11 years later in 1874 Attack Of The Dead Men was a very bloody year for this now older bear. He and his squad were posted at the border of The Thuyan empire and their home land border. It was a strong hold they were to guard with their life if need be and one night it did for a lot of them. In the middle of the night the Thuyan has set a barrel full of gunpowder at least two of its corners to blow up the stronghold and every one in it and that is when everything changed for the bear . He was in the meeting room with there commander of the stronghold as the gunpowder went off on the stronghold taking it down after standing strong for so long and many of her men with them. But that did not stop our bear. Once that happened he was lucky to be pushed out of the way by his commander of their base leaving him to take charge of the mess and seeing only a few hundred men he rallied them up full of pride and made them march on for their fallen brothers bloody and missing arms some were even crawling. They marched on to the Thuyans waiting outside to see if they killed everyone to meet a bullet by Bear shooting one of the men in the face with his Revolver seeding the rest of his men to charge them was a very bloody battle in the end they won it. He was now the rank of captain after the battle and the Attack of the dead men made him a hero with the men and a few higher ups if not for him those rats would have broken through. Even with his new rank and label as a hero the Bear has seen alot of death of many of his brothers.  After the year Attack of the dead men things in the military were slowly winding down for the Bear that did end up being his name or nickname Bear because of his 6’7” height and how a fight with him out in the field looked like after he got done with you. He even got an award from that attack he lead. He received the Maskurg Medal of Bravery. It made him feel more proud for what he did to those scum with his brothers that took them on. Sadly after about 6 years later the older bear started to think he was getting too old for this kind of lifestyle and he still love guns again and was thinking he should hopen his own gun store. He heard of a new place called Talvania and he pushed his paperwork to retire his 30 years in the army to start something less hectic and his love of guns. And once he got to his new home country he could just smell the new patch of fun he could get into. He was going down a trail to a place called Kvor and on his way he did end up stumbly on a very young bear cub or a den of a bear or what left of one but the bigger bear few month old baby was still alive and well he took her in has his own cub if only he knew she would be 1,500 pounds and bigger them in in the upcoming years. He finally made it to the little town and opened up a shop of his own, a gun stored with a little bit of food and Vodka on the side for him and his Bear Yamashiro could live off of there store.

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