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Talivana Eldyrannth


Character Identity Information

Name: Talivana Eldyrannth
Age: 3315 (4th January, 1300BC)
Gender: Female
Species: Eldyrannth 
Origin/Nationality: She originates from the lost city of Vorserend, which was destroyed in 1200 AD (Human Calender), located in the Craethiel Kingdom. She is now a UFF citizen.
Occupation: Prime Minister of the United Federation of Families (UFF).

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’4”, or 195cm
Weight: 154lbs, or 69.85Kg
Eye Colour: Gold
Hair Colour: Pitch black, slightly curly and to the waist. It is sometimes tied up at the neck with a golden hair tie.
Physical Description
Human/Eldyrannth/Tarunoid form: Talivana is slender, yet she has the body of a fighter with toned muscles. She has a full and curvy figure with D-cup breasts, flat stomach and lush thighs on her long legs. She is very beautiful looking- delicate and exotic, almost cat like with a graceful looking angled face. Her eyes are slightly angled with a nose that has a small flick at the end, and full mouth that are proportional to the rest of her face. She has pointed ears which are large enough to reach the top of her head, with a few bone spikes along the lower rim of the ear. On her arms are gold gauntlets that go up to her elbow. They cover the back of the hands and cover her fingertips. Embedded in the gauntlets are various coloured crystals.

Eldyr form: Just like all Eldyrannth, she also has a dragon form, commonly referred to as their Eldyr form. This looks like a western type dragon, with four legs and two wings. Her entire body is covered with hard scales that glitter whenever light reflects off of them making it appear as if she is covered with gems. Her Eldyr form is quite muscular, and looks to be extremely powerful in the sense of physical strength. The horns that emerge from the top of her head curve backwards in a great arch with a slight flick upwards towards the end. The two horns are long and very sharp. Her scales are a snow white in colour but her horns, claws, wing membrane, and spikes are golden, the same colour as her eyes. From the nose to the tip of her tail, she is 66 metres in length. From tip to tip, her wings are 264 metres (she is slightly smaller than the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Jumbo Jet, with a wingspan almost 3x the wingspan of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft).

Personality, Traits and Abilities

General Overview: Talivana is a rather calm person, rarely allowing her emotions to get the better of her. She will rarely raise her voice, or use a hostile tone even when someone is being aggressive towards her. She will always think before speaking and will always strive to keep situations calm, especially if there is the potential for an explosion of emotion, or violence. She is rather centred, as she knows her own limits well, and knows her purpose in life which is to help drive the UFF forward. She is very content with how her life is at the moment as she has the job that allows her to help the UFF, and she has a loving family. She isn’t very materialistic in nature, thus she never strives to surround herself with material wealth as it means little to her. She does not derive happiness from it, and instead gets her happiness from helping others and making them happy. Talivana is very disciplined; never allowing her emotions or impulses to control her. She is not easily distracted from whatever task she is doing and will rarely allow herself to be pulled away unless it is something a lot more urgent. She has a very strong sense of duty to those she considers her people (The UFF) and will refuse to give up in this task. This duty is very deeply ingrained in her from her earliest childhood, thus she will not accept it when someone attempts to make her forget it. Talivana is rather independent, and self reliant. She is comfortable with her own company, and doesn’t feel the need to have people around her all the time. Before she makes up mind about something, or someone, she prefers to have all the information presented to her. She is very honest, with both herself and others. She will never lie to someone, although she may decline to answer or not reveal everything. She does not like it when people are dishonest with her and will make it very well known if someone is. Talivana will own up to any mistakes that she has done, and apologise for them but she will thank someone for being honest especially in a difficult situation. Talivana is very friendly, and will usually greet people warmly and will often invite them into her home. She always sets aside time for her friends to come and talk to her, about any problem. She will patiently sit and listen to them, and offer any advice if she feels that it might help them. She is always polite, and she rarely swears or raises her voice. Talivana is also quite kind and gentle with those she cares about. If they are in need, she will not hesitate to offer her help for example if they are sick, she will help nurse them back to health. As stated before, she will rarely raise her voice, and usually speaks in a calm, gentle tone. She is also quite generous, and will give freely to those that have less than herself especially in terms of help, time, or even money. People often think of her as unselfish, she she will never take from others and will always offer things to people first. If there is a situation where a load of food is being shared between her and others, she will always allow others to take first. 

Along with her independent nature, Talivana is quite confident. She will take criticism well, and will not become upset if she has something that she clearly needs to improve upon. She thinks of none as her inferiors, and none as her superiors. She treats everyone around her as equals. She is not afraid to face unknown situations. She does not allow others to intimidate her, no matter their power, stature or wealth. If she lacks education in a certain area, then she will do her best to make up for it. She is never afraid to try something new, within reason. Talivana is also very courteous towards others. She treats others with kindness, and she always has good manners towards others and treats everyone with respect. She is rarely rude, and will apologise if she seems to be, especially due to some of the communication problems she has with other people. Talivana is also very diplomatic, listening to all sides of a situation and being able to help guide them towards an agreeable solution. She always speaks in a tactful manner in these situations, and always tries to avoid it becoming too emotional and possibly aggressive. While she is very honest, she always tries to put it across in a way that is kind and tactful. Talivana is a very honourable person, along with her strong sense of duty. She is extremely loyal to the UFF, and will even die if it meant protecting the people. She will never lie to anyone, and will be completely open with her intentions, and her reasons behind them. She will never hide anything from the people especially if it affects their lives. She will always help those less fortunate than herself, offering a helping hand even if the person doesn’t ask for it. That said, if they refuse she will respect their need for distance. If she makes a promise, she will never break it, thus she makes her promises carefully and she will always keeps to them. She accepts full responsibility for her actions, even when things go wrong. She will own up to it. Talivana is also quite humble, and will never boast or use her status or superior knowledge to look down on others. She will always give credit where it is due, and will not accept people trying to foister credit onto her that she did not earn. She is also very patient with others, making her a good listener as she can patiently sit there for hours. Talivana never rushes things, and tends to take her time especially if she wants to do a good job of things. She can remain calm even under strain or a large amount of pressure, as she knows that becoming excited will only cause more harm than good. Due to her age, many consider Talivana to be wise and mature, as she has many years of experience to draw upon and that time has allowed her to become an introspective thinker. She has realised her faults and has strived towards improving upon them. She tends to see the world as it really is, without the comfort of a false lense that would prevent her from seeing what is really going on. Instead of rushing into things, Talivana prefers to think her way through it before taking action. She always takes a chance to learn something knew, and to expand her knowledge as she is of the opinion that no matter how old you get, you never stop learning. She can set aside all emotions to look at a situation in an objective manner, as emotions can sometimes lead to disastrous results. Even though at times she seems like a serious and sombre person, she does know how to laugh and, more importantly, she feels, and she can laugh at herself. Talivana is very hospitable, and will not hesitate to welcome someone into her home and offer them food and drink. She doesn’t mind various people coming over to visit, no matter what the reason is. Her home usually has numerous people at any given time, even when she isn’t there. As long as they respect her home, and the people that do live there, she doesn’t mind them visiting and doesn’t mind them eating her food. Sometimes Talivana may appear a little vain. She does not like to have a messy appearance, and does not like going out if she looks anything less than good. Similarly, she does not like to have a messy home and will always take time out of her schedule to make sure that it’s tidy. 

Talivana is a very tolerant person, and will accept the beliefs and ideas of other people, even when they oppose her own. Due to her studious nature, and her natural curiosity, she will seek to try and understand opposing opinions to try and understand where they are coming from. She might sometimes debate with others, but she will never try and force someone to change their mind or opinions. That said, the one thing she does not tolerate in regards to ideas and beliefs, is those ideas and beliefs being forced upon her even when she disagrees with them. She will resist very strongly. Talivana is very supportive of close friends and family. As stated with other personality traits, she is an attentive listener and gathers all of the facts before deciding on a course of action, or deciding on what advise. She will sometimes call someone out of the blue just to see how they’re doing and to just talk to them. She does a lot of charity work, often offering to take part and helping raise money. She is very kind and compassionate with those that are close to her but she will give tough love where it is needed, if it helps them in the long run. Talivana has lived a long life that has been filled with war, grief and hardship. As a result, she has become courageous in the face of hardship. She will face them head on, and will strive to go about improving the situation. She will always do what is right, even if it isn’t the easiest thing to do. If others remain silent on an issue that she feels needs to be addressed, she will not hesitate to speak up and out about it to make others aware of the problem. She is very resilient in the face of problems and hardships, and will not allow her failures to dissuade her. She will persist until she has overcome any hurdles. One of the most known about traits with Talivana, is the fact that she is merciful. She has shown forgiveness for things that most people could never do, for example she forgave Devlyn after he had killed her people and destroyed the only Eldyrannth City, essentially wiping them from Earth History. She will give out justice, but she is able to do so with compassion. She would rather someone learn from their mistakes, than to just give out justice as she feels that everyone deserves a chance to be able to better themselves and improve. She will always help those in need, and would prefer to help raise people instead of tearing them down. Talivana has a very strong sense of justice, and will not tolerate someone violating the rights of another person. If she witnesses a violation then she will speak out about it although she would gather as much information on the situation before doing so, as it could be more complicated than it seems. She doesn’t like including feelings, or emotions, in a court of law. In her eyes, the only thing acceptable is the Truth, and nothing but the Truth. With her sense of justice, she will never actively seek to harm others, or to restrict their rights. She wants people to be as free as possible, without infringing upon others. If she feels that justice if not being met, then she will speak out. For example if the Police aren’t doing their jobs and people are hurt as a result. That said, Talivana is very discreet. If someone discloses private information to her, she will not tell others unless express permission is granted. She deeply respects the privacy of others and will never seek to disturb it. She will not ask personal questions unless she needs to or she is told it is alright to. Even though her telepathic abilities would allow her to sense the emotions of others, she usually cannot use it due to how dangerous it is for the person she would be reading from. However, she is empathetic in nature; easily understanding and relating to the emotions of others. She can understand their pain and their happiness. She can sometimes sense when someone is not being genuine with their emotions and trying to cover up their real ones. Talivana is also a very nurturing person, especially when it comes to children. She desires to see them grow and mature into good, stable adults. This goes hand in hand with many of her other character traits such as being empathetic and supportive. She will help anyone that needs it, whether it’s children that need a new home or adults that want to try and improve themselves. 

Talivana holds herself as a very proper and professional person. She will always speak in a controlled manner, keeping her emotions in check. She will always speak with proper grammar, making her sound almost posh, no matter the language. Her home, and her appearance are very tidy, as she cannot stand to have her home, or her appearance, being a huge mess. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and will not allow herself to fail at them. Not only does she take her job seriously, but she also gets involved with the community around her. She always offers a hand to help anyone within her neighbourhood if they need it. She is usually very well dressed and does not tend to wear anything too revealing. The most she would go is to wear a dress but even then most of the obvious features are covered up. People sometimes tend to think of her as sophisticated, as she is very well read from subjects all over the world. She speaks multiple languages and her clothes are always very proper and professional. Some observe her as being very ‘polished’ as she will always sit in a graceful manner, and being careful not to allow her clothes to become unmanageable. Talivana is a sensible person that always puts her responsibilities and duties above herself. She will always look at all the possible options before coming to a final decision. She always puts aside emotion in order to deal with a situation in an objective manner. Often she replies on common sense, or practicality, to help her arrive to a decision. She never overindulges, such as drinking or eating too much, as she knows that it would have a negative effect on her which she honestly doesn’t want to deal with. Another of her very notable traits is that she can put aside all of her personal feelings, beliefs and bias in order to reach an objective decision, or opinion. She rarely jumps to conclusions and prefers to have as much information as she can, especially if it is objective facts. Her emotional control of herself really helps in these situations as she can easily hold it back and decide on a course of action without the emotions influencing her. Talivana can be very perceptive, noticing new details about people such as a new hairstyle or colour, or a change in clothes style. She can read people well, often being able to gauge their mood as well which allows her to be able to deal with them in a manner that is the most friendly and diplomatic. She can get a lot of information from just a small period of observation which she can use to her advantage especially with interactions with others. Sometimes she might see something that others do not, so sometimes she might come out with something that sounds outrageous but later becomes true. 

One of the things that people find most surprising about Talivana is the fact that she is quite creative and imaginative in the artistic sense. She has a love for art, especially paintings although she doesn’t seem to be impressed with ‘modern’ art. She loves to immerse herself in art, especially when she is feeling creative. Sometimes the urge to paint will hit her out of nowhere, and little can curb that urge. She can come up with some creative and imaginative solutions to problems that people might not expect. She can always picture in her mind the art that she wants to create and she is able to paint it without aid from sketches or other pictures. Talivana can be quite optimistic at times, seeing things in the best possible light such as thinking of the best possible negotiation deal and striving towards it. It helps that she is not easily dissuaded by failure; in fact she sees failure as a chance to try and again and improve. When Talivana sets herself a goal, she will persist towards it in an almost single-minded fashion even if she knows that there will be setbacks in the future. That said, she isn’t so driven that she will refuse to listen to the advice of others. If she is doing something wrong, she would much prefer to know about it. With failures and setbacks, she will persist on finding a way around it so that she can continue on towards her goal. She never gives up, unless it’s for a good reason such as she is doing more harm, than good. Talivana is also adaptable. She is able to think quickly on her feet and adapt herself to new situations. She has no fear of facing the unknown and is always prepared to think quickly. 

Talivana is an intelligent woman, who is naturally curious and inquisitive. She loves to learn new things, and will go out of her way to do so. She relies on logic, reasoning and objective evidence. She likes to have intelligent conversations with people, on a wide range of topics. She especially loves talking about something she doesn’t know so that she can have the chance to learn something new. As an Eldyrannth, she is extremely good at being able to process information; far better than other Earth species. Especially if there are other Eldyrannth around that can spread the workload. When Talivana gets into a project, or task, she becomes extremely focused. It is hard to distract her from the work at hand and even harder to pull her away from what she is doing. If she can, she will always plan ahead, and plan for contingencies just in case anything goes wrong. When it comes to her work as the Prime Minister, she is very industrious. Even when she is outside of office hours, she will always accept calls in regards to it, and will always make herself available to people. She works extremely hard at her job, and is extremely dedicating, even to the point of forgetting to eat when she is extremely busy. As mentioned before, Talivana loves to learn, and she is quite studious in regards to it. She always loves to learn something new, and will strive to learn as much as she can about it. She loves to engage in open debates, especially with those with an opposing opinion. She absolutely loves reading, and will read her way through various books in an attempt to understand and learn more. When given information, Talivana can be analytical; she prefers the hard raw numbers to shift through and analyse. This is made easier for her, due to the processing abilities of her Eldyrannth brain. When she encounters new ideas and theories, she will not take them onboard unless she has conclusive proof. She is a big believer in the motto of many UFFians ‘Trust, but Verify’. Talivana is a very organised individual. She always plans in advance, and tries to prepare for every eventuality and always looks at the smallest of details and will draw up lists to ensure that everything is done in a timely, organised manner. She always keeps the places that she occupies neat and tidy, so that she can easily find everything again. When dealing with her work, she prefers to make quick, decisions, that have no delay and begin things moving quickly although she will not allow for a poorly organised decision to go through but she prefers things being done as quickly as possible. Due to the emotional control Talivana has over herself, many people mistake her for having little to no emotions. Nothing could be further from the truth. She is very deeply emotional, and passionate. In fact sometimes her emotions are so profound that people cannot even begin to understand their complexity. When she is involved in a project, she focuses in an almost single-minded intensity and will persist at it until she has completed it. Talivana is a pensive person; sometimes being lost in thought or thinking deeply about something. She values the opinions of others, even if she doesn’t agree with them, and seeks to understand why they think that way. She always thinks her way through something, whether it’s an idea, or action, and always second-thinks herself to try and look at it from all angles.
Strengths, Skills and Abilities

  • Strengths: In terms of physical strength, she is several times stronger than an average human male which means that she can easily overcome them. Her reaction times are faster, and she can move quicker on her feet so it would be extremely difficult for a human to gain an advantage over her. 
  • Eyesight: Her eyes are extremely powerful and and can see for miles in any given direction. If she was to be sitting on an aeroplane, she can easily see a mouse moving about the grass. Thus there is not much that she misses. She can also see in a much broader colour range than humans can as she has six types of colour receptor cells within her eyes. 
  • Multi-liqual: Talivana can speak several languages fluently including; Epsian, Eldyrannthian, English, French, German and Russian.
  • Turn into an Eldyr dragon: She is 66 metres [216.6ft] in length and has 264metre [886.1ft] wingspan. In this form, she can breathe fire, fly and use her claws for lethal attacks. Her tail, with the shark like fin, can be used as a rudder to steer in both aquatic and aerial situations and is extremely powerful.
  • Crystals [For more information, consult the Extra Info]: The coloured crystals that she has are as follows:
    • White: This crystal vastly improves the telekinetic abilities of the user when energy is supplied to it, allowing them to lift objects that they normally wouldn’t be able to move. While this crystal is in use, there is a marked decrease in their physical strength as well as stamina.
    • Grey: This crystal vastly improves the telepathic ability of the user when energy is supplied to it. When used along with a control crystal, it would allow them to interface on a telepathic level with their crystals, allowing them to interact with their technology on a telepathic level. While this crystal is in use to enhance the telepathic ability, there is a marked decrease in their physical strength as well as stamina.
    • Pink: When attached to a gauntlet, it acts as a portable storage device, allowing them to carry around data from one place to the other. Has no other function other than that. Can be linked to a control crystal to allow for information transfer or to use as programming storage.
    • Gold: Arguably one of the most important crystal attached to the gauntlets. When integrated with a Grey crystal, it allows the gauntlet user greater control over their crystals. It allows them to channel energy more efficiently and to program their crystals to do certain functions like programming their Red crystals to allow them to create fire tornados. It also allows for greater customisation on their abilities. 
    • Orange: This is a common crystal used by gauntlet that can be used to store extra energy that they can use to prolong the use of other crystals. They can transfer energy from an outside source, or in their free time use their own energy to feed into it to store for another time as they can recover the lost energy.
    • Spectrum colours in irregular veins: This type if crystal is usually crushed into a fine powder and laid in special wires inside of the gauntlet, allowing for easier energy transfer as well as much more efficient energy transfer.
    • Black: When connected to other crystals to change its properties, this crystal can be used to put up a defensive shield around the user, and anyone they want. The more energy they pour into the crystal, the larger the shield. This can be used to defend against a wide variety of attacks.
    • Black with white veins: This crystal is seen on every gauntlet. It allows them to change the metal encasing their fingers so that they can touch surfaces with their fingertips. The fingers are completely covered due to the nano-scale hairs that cover them, allowing them to stick to surfaces.
    • Light purple: When energy is channelled through this crystal, it allow them to create a beam of focused energy, or a less focus blast of energy. This allows them to attack enemies and injure them severely. 
    • Deep Keza Blue: When this crystal is used in the gauntlets, it allows the user to scan the surrounding area. There is a limit to this, as the more area they scan, the more energy it uses.  This crystal can be integrated with other crystal to scan for specific things. For example, it can be integrated with the Healing crystal to scan wounds and do a body scan to determine the severity of injuries. 
    • Azure: Allows the user to create a pulse of energy that is strong enough to push people away, but not enough to harm them severely unless they fell into something. When integrated with other crystals, the type of pulse can be altered such as being able to create a pulse of fire, or even an electromagnetic pulse.
    • Dark grey: The primary use of these crystals in gauntlets is to open up a rift between their dimension and the dimension of Hell. With this they can send Daedra back to their own dimension.
    • Brown: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Earth’.
    • Yellow: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Air’. 
    • Red: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Fire’. This crystal in particular can be used in combination with other elemental crystals, even ones that most would think of as incompatible such as Water. This is because it isn’t really manipulation of fire, but of heat. This can give the illusion of controlling fire, however the effects are a lot more wide spread and an Eldyrannth can take heat away as well as put it into an environment. Eldyrannth have been known to use both red and blue crystals to use the element of ice, which is a perfect example of the way that the crystals can be combined.
    • Blue: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Water’.
  • Hand to Hand combat: She can fight hand to hand and in tight quarters, she is very athletic, however, she is not good at long range fighting. This can be used in conjunction with hand held weapons like daggers.
  • Telepathy: As a naturally Hive mind race, Talivana is an extremely powerful telepath. She can handle the weight of tens of thousands of active minds. She can also communicate with people not of her species, but rarely opens her mind to them for fear of the damage it could do to them. She can also bridge a non-telepathic mind into the mind of another (Either telepathic or not). With her being a Royal Eldyrannth, she has more enhanced telepathic abilities than other Eldyrannth.
  • Telekinesis: She is able to move objects that are as much as ten times her weight. She has to concentrate very hard otherwise she will not be able to do it, or at least not very well. It is so precise that she could rupture a vein or artery inside someone's brain. However she has never used this ability due to the moral and ethical ramifications.
  • Fly high and tolerate low oxygen levels: Due to her one way breathing system (Like a bird), she is able to fly higher than other winged creatures as she is able to tolerate lower oxygen environments as she is able to extract oxygen more efficiently than beings with a two way breathing system (Like a human).
  • Scales: Her scales are as hard as diamond. You would need a lot of energy to break through the scales. The scales are small and layered in such a way that allows her to move. The scales themselves are not flexible. These are pigmented.
  • Skeleton and Super-Human strength: Strengthened skeletal structure that has a high tensile strength and yet is nearly 20% lighter than a mammalian skeleton. In human form she can lift about 4 times her weight and in her dragon form she can lift twice her weight.
  • Ichor and healing: When she bleeds the scab forms a resin looking covering over the wound (like a tree). This is to protect the wound from infection. She can heal in nearly a fraction of the time of a human and this includes broken bones. The Inchor in her blood is broken down to Chor (What she uses for the fire. See extra info for more detail) and stem cells. When in a battle and breathing fire a lot, her body goes into overdrive to produce more Chor. This in turn produces more stem cells for healing, and thus heals slightly faster. However this puts a huge tax on the bodies resources.
  • Fire: Her body breaks down Inchor into stem cells and Chor. The stem cells go off to heal while the Chor reacts further to produce the flammable Gas of Chor. This is stored in a gland at the edge of the lungs, with tubes going up the throat to the top of the mouth. There is a small spark producer here, that ignites the gas to produce the flame. Inchor can he spat out alongside the gas, creating lethal napalm effect. The vapour from the liquid is also a heavy irritant and any unprotected eyes can be affected. This is why when producing flame the Eldyrannth closes their third eyelid which they have in both forms. The third eyelid is used in both aquatic and aerial activities. They can also spit out Inchor without igniting it to put a waterproof layer in something. However this is highly flammable.
  • Stomach Acid: Their heart contains a left aortic valve so they can, willingly, redirect blood flow to essential organs like the brain. Also they can redirect it to the stomach increasing their stomach acidity so they can digest bone. When they produce too much they will sometimes throw it up. As they can do this on command they can use their own digestive juices as a defensive option.
  • Senses: She have very keen eyesight and have advanced night vision. She has sensitive hearing and they have a sensitive sense of smell. Not only this, they can use their tongues like a snake and further distinguish scents from each other. They can do this on land as well as in water making them deadly hunters of all environments.
  • Flexibility: She is very flexible and can climb trees easily, which she very much does enjoy doing.


  • Dragon Form: The under-belly is her weak spot as it is not made from the same material that the rest of the scales are made of. It is more softer and more hide like to allow easier breathing without hindering her performance. If she were to be struck at the right place (in between the rib bones and into the heart) it would mean instant death. Or a slow, painful one if the Inchor glands were struck as the Inchor is essentially their immune system. She cannot remain in this form for very long periods of time as she becomes more animalistic the more time she spends in this form.
  • When flying, she is using up her energy and working her muscles. She must fly often to keep her endurance up so that she is able to fly for extended periods of time, and even then she needs to stop to prevent passing out or straining her muscles. Her wings may become damaged which will impede her ability to fly. If they are damaged severely enough, she will not be able to fly and will have to wait for the membrane to re-grow before she can fly once again.
  • Cold (In dragon form)/Hot(In humanoid form): She slows down in colder weather, but also suffer when it becomes too hot. This is due in part of her cold blood as she does require the sun to regulate her temperature and if she is too cold, she tends to slow down. In hot weather, she becomes sluggish as she gets to hot and must cool herself down some way as she does not sweat like other humanoids. If she does not cool down, it could potentially be life threatening.
  • Inchor and the Crystals: In return for the large amount of power gained from using the powers, over time, the crystals power turns the Inchor into crystal itself from the exotic radiation that the crystals give off every time they are used. As Inchor is a constant presence in the blood, this essentially crystallises the blood. In the later stages of this illness, as the blood thickens and the crystals scratch them from the inside out, it can become very painful. If death does not occur soon, the victim can ask another to end their life to end the suffering. The more the Eldyrannth uses their crystals, the quicker the blood turns to crystal. They are also more susceptible to infections the further down the illness they are. Most hope that they die of a virus then the crystallisation of their blood.
  • Stomach Acid: This can burn their throat and leave it raw and irritated for a few hours or even longer making it painful to eat or drink.
  • Combat: She is not a good long range fighter, so she is vulnerable to an attack from far off.
  • Crystals: In order to use the crystals, she will need energy to do so. The more she uses them, the more energy she uses up. If she exhausts herself, she can pass out and leave her open to attack. Or she will lose so much energy that she no longer has enough to keep her heart beating and die.
  • Telepathy: The Eldyrannth are a race that has a natural, telepathic, hive mind. This means that Talivana is an extremely powerful telepath and can hear a thousand voices at once. With people not of her species, she will not open her mind to them unless they gave her express permission. Her mind can overwhelm other races, and they can become lost in her mind easily.
  • Telekinesis: If she tries to move more then she can handle, she can use up a lot of energy and pass out, even strain her mind. To be able to use telekinesis if she concentrates and if someone distracts her, she can lose what grip she had. Also, she may accidentally trigger it when she is angry and cause the person she is angry at fly away from her. Her telekinesis can be so precise that she can use it to crush veins and arteries inside someone else's mind. This can be taxing on her due to the fine control, but she never likes using this ability anyway.
  • Fire: She only has a limited amount of Inchor at one time and must wait for her body to produce more.

Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To lead the UFF into the next Golden Age.
Hobbies and Interests: In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family and friends. She also loves to spend her time in study, and learning new things so she might often spend some time on the Internet or reading books to learn as much as she can in the time that she has. One of her favourite hobbies is painting. Her style is a realistic style, painting people, objects and landscapes with as much accuracy as possible. She isn’t one to like abstract, or modern art, so trying to get her to compliment some will be a fruitless endeavour. 

Personal Sexual Information

Sexual Orientation: This is a little complicated. Primarily she is attracted to males and kays, as she likes their masculine qualities and the fact that they have cocks. There is one exception to this, most notably Kaylarvana who has a cock and a pussy, but is not a Hermaphronari (Futa).
Turn ons:

  • Having unprotected sex, especially if it results in pregnancy.
  • Having loving, romantic sex with someone she loves.
  • Having sex with a stranger.
  • Hard, almost animalistic sex especially with a Mako or Zeta.
  • Having sex with an Eldyrannth in their Eldyr form, in both her Tarunoid and Eldyr form. She especially loves being chased.

Turn offs

  • Gore and Vore.
  • Necrophilia.
  • Scat and golden showers.
  • Her partners being violent or controlling.
  • Being degraded and humiliated.

Penis Length: N/A
Breast Size: D-cup
Sensitivity: She has usual Eldyrannth sensitivity.
Additional Sexual Information: Like all Eldyrannth females, her breasts and pussy are more sensitive than Tau’ri. As an Eldyrannth, she has the nanohairs on her hands and she will only hold hands if she is being intimate with someone she loves. She doesn’t do it with those she doesn’t. In sex, she’s more of an equal partner and doesn’t submit easily.
STD History: Clean.

Extra Information

Father: Kayrin. Deep purple eyes. Deceased.
Mother: Jyavana, the Queen of the Eldyrannth. Golden eyes. Deceased.
Siblings: From both of her parents, she has many, many siblings that she was quite close to, although she presumes that they're all dead. She also has a twin brother that she refuses to speak about.
Grandparents: Kaliavana, ex-Queen of the Eldyrannth. Golden eyes. Deceased. Xharin, ex-King of the Eldyrannth. Deceased. 
Children: One daughter, Triavana Eldyr'maraki (Talivana and Tripp Keza'maraki). Golden eyes. One male, born 2011, Zairin Eldyr'demeri (Talivana and Zaine Mako'demeri). Rainbow eyes (His eyes shift through the colour of the rainbow).

Grand-children: One male, born in 2011; Dezrin Eldyr'maraki (Triavana and Tripp Keza'maraki). Deep Keza blue eyes.
House: Owns a Keza Corp: Housing Estate Agents property on the Unity Estate.
Car: None.
Pet: None.
Additional information: On her desk in the PM office, is a small Crystal tree. The crystal trunk is clear in colour, with gold and white leaves. It is about twelve inches high and looks like a fully grown tree (Think Bonsai tree). She often sings to this tree, songs that usually sound sad, and rarely she will sing something that sounds happy. While she does not sing often, she has a remarkable singing voice but this is not unusual for an Eldyrannth. 


Awards/Commendations: None.
Criminal Record: Clean.
Medical Record: Talivana is in Stage III of Inchor Crystalisation. Stage III is an mildly advanced stage of the Inchor Crystalisation. 16-22% of the Inchor in their blood system has crystalised by this point. Cutting of the blood vessel walls happened often, resulting in internal bleeding. There are still enough stem cells around to heal as these occur. Risk of other complications such as a stroke is between 2-4%.
DOB: 4th January, 1300 BC.


Talivana was born a thousand years after her elder sister, Lyravana, along with her twin brother, Talrin. One of the things immediately noticed about the newborn twins, were that they were sporting two hearts, unlike usual Eldyrannth. When they were extremely young, they had many tests done on them but other than the hearts, the Doctors were unable to find anything unusual apart from some strange brain readings but they were unable to pinpoint to the source. The twins were very healthy, active and intelligent.

The two were extremely close when they were children, with them rarely being in a separate room from one another. The two were usually holding hands, and would often act as one person. The two were very well loved by their family, and often visited by Lyravana and her mate, Wolfrin. One day, when the two of them were ten years old, Wolfrin came into their bedroom where they were working together on a drawing. The twins looked up at Wolfrin, smiling at the sight of their brother. Wolfrin came and sat beside them, looking at what they were drawing. It appeared to be a star system, with two stars,

“What's that?” Wolfrin asked the twins. As one, the two of them smiled,

“Home.” They replied at the exact same moment. Wolfrin picked up the picture and looked at it carefully. It was actually a picture of Epsus Prime. A system that was currently waiting the settlement of the EPSI Federation. He put the picture down and for several minutes, he watched as the twins were colouring it in. They still held hands, but worked so well together that it was like watching a single person working on it.

“I came here because I wanted to talk to you about something very important. Something you're going to have to work on for a very long time.” Wolfrin then said, putting a hand gently on the picture to get their attention. The twins looked up, looking interested.

“Listen. I know you're both aware that you're special, in a way. You have two hearts, which is something that's not occurred before. But the Doctors don't know what it is. As far as we all know, it's a random mutation. However, there is something the two of you must know now, so that you can guard its secret. You're both what are called ExoSins, and that makes you both very special.” He looked at Talrin, “You're going to need to protect your sister. There are some bad people, who intend her harm. And her life is in danger.” He focused on them both again, “You must never let anyone else know of this. Your lives will be in danger, and… I can't bear the thought of losing either of you...” The last part was said quietly, and there was a sadness to the eyes that the twins couldn't understand. Talrin nodded in understanding,

“I won't let anyone hurt Talivana.” He said in a serious voice before Talivana added, “We promise not to tell anyone.”

Wolfrin nodded, satisfied. He looked at the two of them for a moment longer before he stood up. He put his hands on their shoulders before he then left them to their drawing once again.

As the twins grew a little older, they spend some time apart from one another as they diverged into separate interests. Talivana took more of an interest in the fight against the Daedra while Talrin had more of a scientific turn of mind. He loved doing little experiments and would read numerous scrolls on a large number of subjects, seemingly absorbing every scrap of information he could. While neither of them liked being away from one another, they occasionally had to, but would become distressed after a time. One day, when Talivana was twenty years of age, she had gone for a small walk in the mountains while Talrin was having some lessons with another Eldyrannth.

As Talivana moved about, she smelt flowers and watched animals that scampered about such as rabbits and birds. However as the time round towards evening, with the sun setting over the mountains leaving her in darkness, she realised that she was lost. She had no idea how to get back home. She wandered among the mountains for a while, scared, lost and feeling very alone. As she wandered, she had the feeling that she wasn't alone; like as if she was being followed by a hunting animal that saw her as their prey. This only made Talivana even more scared, and she wanted nothing more than to run and hide from the monster stalking her steps, but the more logical part of her mind told her that, that would be a bad idea as it would result in her being even more lost. After several hours, she was tired and feeling that she would never be able to get back home. She collapsed down next to a tree, and curling up as she cried. Her sobs filled the quiet forest around her, and she felt as if the monsters were circling around her, watching her with hostile eyes.

When she was sure that she was going to die, she felt a warm, comforting hand on her shoulder. She jumped slightly, before looking up to see a tall, cloaked figure. She couldn't see his face, due to how dark it was, and the fact that he was wearing a hood that covered his face in shadows. She couldn't even see the outline of his face. And yet, his presence comforted her and she felt that she knew him.

“Come on, let's get you home Talivana.” The man said, and he had a distinct male voice that was familiar yet she couldn’t put her finger on it. He reached put, putting two gloved hands on either side of her head for a moment, before he pulled his hands away. He then picked her up and began to carry her through the mountains. Talivana finally felt safe, as if those monsters could no longer get her while she was being guarded by this strange man. She dozed against his shoulder as he took her back home, and it wasn't long before she could see the soft glow of the city lights. The man took her as far as the city limits, before he put her gently down, before kneeling down before her,

“Be more careful next time, Talivana.” He told her, his tone gentle with love. He leaned forward, kissing her on the forehead gently. Talivana wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tight,

“Thank you!” She said, smiling happily. The man chuckled softly, before he gently pulled away from the hug. He placed a hand on the top of her head,

“Stay safe, Talivana.” He said, before he turned and walked off back into the night. Talivana tried to see where he went, but he seemed to melt into the darkness. After a few moments she turned and ran home, to be greeted by her relieved parents. Talrin immediately ran to her, holding onto her tightly as if he was never going to let go again. Talivana didn't mind. In fact she clung to him just as tightly.

The twins continued to grow, and develop together. Despite their different interests and career paths, the two twins were still extremely close. Before their telepathy began to develop, their minds were interwoven to the point where sometimes they forgot who was who, despite their gender differences. They would often finish each other’s sentences. Talrin continued spending time reading and doing experiments while Talivana spent her time learning what she could from those in the Eldyr High Guard. The two reached maturity and officially went down their separate paths. The two of them still lived within the same home, as neither of them could bear the separation from one another. 

For a hundred years Talivana continued training with the Eldyr High Guard. She met an Eldyrannth, Zhalrin, that was only five years younger than herself and doing the same training as she was. She became very quick friends with him as they were very similar in many ways. One of them being that he was part of a twinset as well, which was incredibly rare. His sister, Lusravana, was a Scientist much like Talrin and even spent time with Talivana’s brother which she felt was appropriate. 

Talivana and Zhalrin finished their training and entered the military ranks. Both of them were involved with various skirmishes with the Daedra. She remembers their first kill, clearly. The two of them had been patrolling around Vorserend when they were attacked by a Minotaur who wanted to rape and kill them. The two of them were in the Eldyr form which, back then, was only six metres in length but even at that small size the two were able to overpower the minotaur and tear him apart. At first, Talivana regretted the fact that she had to end his life, but after counselling she put the guilt and regret behind her. It was unfortunate that they had to take lives, but it was a matter of life and death. The Daedra were seeking either destruction or enslavement, and the Eldyrannth had to defend themselves. It was not long into their career that Talivana and Zhalrin decided to come to a mutual understanding, and become mates although they had no plans for children in the immediate future. 

Talivana assumed that killing Daedra in self defense would get easier, but she still felt guilty every time. She didn’t want to fight them. She wanted for them all to live in peace. But with how the Daedra were, it was an impossible dream. She often tried to get them to stand down, and would only kill as a last resort. She would go to great lengths to avoid conflicts and would sometimes even outright trick the Daedra into leaving. Zhalrin encouraged her efforts, and often helped her. Sometimes these efforts would cost the two a great deal in terms of injuries. One particular incident left a very lasting impression. In her efforts to drive off a group of Daedra on her own, Talivana was overpowered by them. They did not kill her, but for several days they violently raped her. She was very lucky that she did not come away from the incident pregnant. Eventually Zhalrin appeared and slaughtered Talivana’s attackers. He took her back home and helped her try and come to terms with what happened. It took her hundreds of years to come to terms with what happened to her. And during that time, she was not as merciful. Despite the help that both Zhalrin and Talrin gave her, she had been scarred deeply by what had happened. It made her even more determined to not allow that to happen to anyone else. 

When Talivana was four hundred years old, the Eldyr High Guard Spec Ops division offered her and Zhalrin a position within their ranks. They accepted and were given additional training on top of what they already had. Their training included more fighting skills, as well as skilled in the realm of infiltration and espionage. The other species on Earth were still primitive at this point, thus it was easy to hide themselves among them. They had no real interest in the other cultures, really. Sometimes Daedra caused problems among the primitive population and the Eldyrannth sought to try and deal with the problem so that other species weren’t dragged into the same war as them. 

With their new position, they spent less time patrolling around Vorserend, and devoted some of their time moving about the world and dealing with any Daedric problems that came up. The two of them were a well matched pair, as they were good at supporting one another and they fought well together. She was almost as close to Zhalrin was she was to Talrin. Although as time passed for her, she noticed that Talrin was becoming more distant. They didn’t spend as much time together as they used to, and he no longer talked about his experiments. Talivana did feel hurt by this distancing, but she put it down to them naturally growing apart as they were getting more involved in their separate lives. 

However, when she was eight hundred, it was discovered that Talrin had been running experiments that the Eldyrannth found unethical and immoral. He had been experimenting with other species; with their genes in particular. He also had a device that could implant the mind of one person, into another. A body swapping artefact which was something the Eldyrannth found repugnant as he was using it for non-medical reasons. He even had Daedra inside of his lab that he was experimenting upon. Despite the war, and despite of everything that the Daedra had done to them, they did not like Talrin experimenting on them like this. Talrin’s gauntlets were stripped from him, and he was banished from Vorserend. His assistant, Lusravana, had her gauntlets taken as well, and was also banished as she helped Talrin with his experiments. Talrin’s gauntlets later went missing, as a Mako by the name of Fenrir had somehow snuck into the city and taken them away. Not long after Talrin’s banishment, her father, Kayrin disappeared. They tried to search for him, however no one was able to locate him, or even his body.

Talivana was devastated by this and cried for days. She felt as if a part of her had been torn away and that she was merely half a person. A shadow. It did not help that Zhalrin, someone whom she would normally lean upon at a time like this, felt much the same way with the banishment of his twin sister. The incident only drew the two of them closer together and in a way, Zhalrin became the missing part of her heart and mind. The two become almost inseparable although both of them were aware that they were basically using the other as a replacement for their lost twin. It helped them overcome the shock of losing them. The two of them tried to fall back into their usual pattern of doing missions for Spec Ops and guarding the city.

A couple of hundred years later, when Talivana was a thousand years of age, there was a sudden attack on Vorserend. Luckily, Talivana and Zhalrin were at the city at the time, and were able to help in the counter-attack. The Daedric army was lead by a Daedric General by the name of Diomedes. He had managed to get enough information on the seal that the Eldyrannth had placed on the Daedric Realm to tear it apart enough to force an army through. The most shocking, and disturbing thing about Diomedes was that he appeared to have an Eldyr form, however it was heavily influenced by the Daedra. He bore a remarkable resemblance to the Daedric Eldyr that Fyaerin had spoken about in his diary. But this Daedric Eldyr did not seem to want to help the Eldyrannth like the diary said. Instead he seemed intent on wiping them out. The attack on the city was devastating, but every man, woman and even children who refused to hide, fought back bitterly. 

Zhalrin’s parents, a set of fraternal twins called Kalrin and Haelavana, were a Warrior and Healer, who rose up and fought back against Diomede. It was a long, intense fight but they were finally able to drive Diomedes back along with his army. This caused an uneasy peace to fall upon the damaged city as they tended to their wounded and began to take stock of what needed repairing. However, they were not allowed much of a respite as Diomedes returned with more Daedric Generals and another army at his back. This time, Kalrin and Haelavana were unable to drive them off, as the other Daedric Generals swarmed down on them and occupied them. 

Somehow, Talivana was never sure, during the fighting she found herself face to face with Diomedes who requested for her to come with him, as well as telling her that it had been him that had killed her father. She adamantly refused, despite his persistent efforts to persuade her. Finally, he seemed to grow enraged and struck out at her, knocking her to the ground with a wound in her side grave enough for her to not be able to fight back. Before Diomedes could kidnap her, Zhalrin jumped in to her defense and drove the General back. He then worked with the Queen in co-ordinating the defense of Vorserend and he was able to turn the tide of battle with tactics that relied on the speed and agility of the Eldyrannth to do numerous hit-and-run attacks that left dead in their wake while reducing the number of casualties on their side. The battle raged on for a hundred years before the Daedra finally fell back and the Eldyrannth were able to catch their breath and begin rebuilding their city once more. 

After that, Zhalrin became more involved with the military command due to the success of his tactics during the one-hundred year siege. Talivana continued with her work in the Spec-Ops division and as Zhalrin attained the position of The Eldyr Guardian (Leader) of the Eldyr High Guard, she began to work alone. She moved about the world, dealing with Daedric threats as she observed the growing civilisations around them. None of them were advanced enough to make contact with, yet. The only real contact that they had outside of their own species, by the time Talivana was 2,000 years old, were the Coda’zotoxi who had essentially brow-beaten the Eldyrannth into trading with them. During her life, she had lost many friends to the Daedra war, and she grieved for each loss. She thought that she would become numb to each death, but each one caused a sharp pang of grief. 

When she was in her mid-age, 2,500 years of age, she was given a mission to England where a lesser daedra had been plaguing a village. The Daedra had been trying to gain power by converting the village to his worship although he wasn’t having that much success as the villagers were trying all manner of methods to try and banish it. Talivana staked the village for a while, before drawing the Daedra away from the village before banishing it back to the Daedra Realm. The task seemed too easy for her, and her gut was screaming at her that something was wrong. So she remained for a few weeks to make sure that the threat had gone. But nothing else appeared, despite the fact that the bad feeling became even worse. 

When she had made the decision to leave, she had a surprise visit from Diomedes who tried to convince her to leave with him. Again, she refused his request and demanded that he leave. To her surprise he did not push the issue and told her that she will regret her decision before suggesting that she should perhaps return home. Then, to her shock, the Daedric General shifted form before her eyes, revealing that he was Talrin and that he had been Diomedes from not long after he had banished. He also confirmed that it had been him who had killed their father. Before Talivana could react, he had disappeared, leaving her alone with her anger and grief.

After she had gotten her emotions under control, she was deeply worried by what Talrin had meant about her home, Talivana hurried back towards her home city, Vorserend. When she arrived, she found the city destroyed and her people dead. She was the only Eldyrannth left, apart from one other who had had little interest in the affairs of the world and still doesn’t to this day. Talivana almost went mad from grief and anger, but she was able to force herself to push it aside and gathered herself to leave the city behind and find the ones that destroyed the Eldyrannth civilisation. (Rest intentionally left blank due to plots in Craethiel Kingdom. It was no long until she gave birth to Triavana, her first child.)


In 2010, Talivana suddenly appeared at the front doors of the Promiscuous Palace. With her, she had her daughter, as well as a large case and a video. She gave the video to Tripp, which was something that would make him trust her (Again, going into detail is spoiling!). Once she was sure that he trusted her, she showed him that she also trusted him with her most precious possession. A crystal that had an enormous amount of energy stored inside of it. It was for Tripp and only Tripp. When Talivana found out that the organisation C.O.D.A had tried to take possession of the crystal, she was furious, until Tripp showed her that the one they stole was actually fake and that the one she had given him was safe. Relieved, she told him that she had given it to him for him to take care of. Not anyone else. She would have brought down her fury upon C.O.D.A had they actually managed to get their hands on it as the Crystal was her technology and they had no right to even attempt to take it. But the situation only served to reinforce her trust in him.

Seeing Tripp was not the only reason why she was there. She was there to represent the Keza’s in the negotiations between the Keza’s and the Mako’s to try and put an end to the war between the two species. Under the UFF restrictions, she found the entire situation frustrating. They weren’t given the freedom they needed to officially become friends as details couldn’t be agreed upon and the UFF sometimes rejected the offerings they made. So when she was invited to an unofficial meeting to discuss their status, she eagerly agreed and fully supported this. It was only then that they had finally gotten somewhere. They had finally agreed on something. When the UFF became angry over this and were even considering rejecting the agreement, Talivana was livid. The Bureaucracy of it angered her even further. She went with Zaine and Axel to argue their case. Zaine and Talivana tried to strategise with one another in the car about how they were going to proceed however it seemed one moment they were talking, the next moment they were having sex. This did put a hold to their discussions, but they felt that they might have had good arguments that the UFF could not disagree with. 

They were fighting the case for a week before the representatives of the Xeno’s and Zeta’s were called in to hear the evidence and to vote on it. To make a statement, Talivana shared a bedroom with Zaine. Even though she had not planned it, she went into heat and Zaine got her pregnant with her second child. It wasn’t planned, but it was a welcome surprise. It had been a long time since Triavana had been a child and she had missed looking after a bright and intelligent child.

Talivana was not surprised when they won the vote to accept the treaty if one condition was met; that they sign a 1000 year peace treaty. Talivana knew that such a precaution wasn’t needed, as they were well on their way to being really good friends, but she agreed. When they were returning in the car, Axel’s phone rang. He answered it, and due to his habit of putting it on loudspeaker, Talivana and Zaine were able to hear clearly hear Zoe having sex on the other end of the line. Axel clearly didn’t know about Zoe going around and having sex, and had just caught her red handed having sex behind his back. When they got back, Talivana and Zaine followed Axel where he walked in on Zoe having sex with Trent and Khori. It wasn’t long before she left the scene as this was a personal problem between Axel and Zoe.

Later in the year, an incident at the Promiscuous Palace caused an evacuation to be called. Wolfie had been kidnapped through temporal means which caused two beings known as Temporal Spectres to appear at the Palace. The Palace had to be evacuated and sealed to prevent the Spectres from escaping and devouring the Earth in their hunger. Unfortunately, when the Spectres appeared, the mansion was still full. However within a moment, everyone f

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