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Zaine Wolfhound-Wraith Mako'demeri


Zaine is a oddity in the Wolfhound-Wraith, a war clan setup to fight and defeat the Keza'maraki people. Except he's never killed a single Keza'maraki. On the other hand he has bred with about 400 of them. He has always wanted a Keza'maraki pet, ideally from just legal to train and to get her bred with fine specimens of malehood. He is Wolfie's Granddad and Xavier's Dad, and isn't as stupid with technology as he claims to be. He frequently uses Reddit, Facebook and Twitter; and pretends to be a grumpy twenty year old. [>_> This character is based off that real person in some ways, with permission, of course. Although he really is in his twenties, Zaine isn't.]

He finds it easy to pretend to be cynical arsehole who is in his twenties and post on Twitter about things that grind his gears. He goes through a phase later on when he see's EcchiDreams Hashtagging a CISPA Blackout, and he goes onto the site when it was back up only to find that in the "Roleplay Section" was their lives being written out and recorded by Tripp and NeppyNepNep. [He becomes self-aware! xP]

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