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Mysteria Iselia


Name: Mysteria Iselia

Nick Name: Myst, Tear.

Code Name: The Magicless Elf

Age: Looks mid twenties but no one knows her real age.

Race: Half High Elf/Drow

Gender: Female

Origin/Nationality: Faerun.

Height: 170cm.

Weight: 56kgs.

Hair colour and description: Very long white hair that flows right down below to her waist with two strands of hair permenantly sticking up on the very top of her head, like antennae. While she does keep it tied up wit hair clips sometimes, she often doesn't. Not surprisingly, she has to take good care of her hair with good hair care products.

Eye Colour: Molten gold with a red center.

Skin Colour: Chocolate Brown. Tanned.

Body Type: Busty, and with generous proportions.

Blood Type: AB+

Physical Description: Obviously an elf of mixed heritage due to her skin and eye colour, she does attract a lot of attention due to her looks. Despite her scrawny looking arms and thick legs, she is quite strong in both those parts. In fact, while she doesn't look very tough due to being an elven female, she is quite strong and durable...perhaps oddly so. In fact, she's insanely strong.There are scars on her back, arms and legs that refuse to fade away and her waist is wider than one would expect of a girl of her proportions.

Clothes and Stylings: She likes lightweight and comfy clothes that she can move around easily in. Is often seen in yukatas (that are more appropriate than the one shown in the pic, mind you!), robes and dresses. Does not like wearing shorts or pants as she feels them restrictive.


Mysterious Hero Quality: Obtained before been flung from Faerun to another world, this ability has something to do with her unique physical strength and her impressive constitution. Punching and kicking down large trees and boulders is not impossible for her but a chore.

Support Magic Resistance: 20% decrease in effect from any conventional support/healing magic cast on her...

Increased Stats: For an elf, she has remarkable physical capabilities that best even opponents that normal elves cannot hope to win against in a feat of strength. Her speed, durability, strength and agility are enchanced by something. As to what is anyone's guess.

Warrior: As the girl was cursed from birth never to be able to use magic, she trained ludicrously hard in her battle skills. Thanks to that, she is quite fearsome in using a variety of weapons that elves traditionally use such as the rapier, long sword, bow and arrow, crossbow and so forth.


No Magic: As an unwanted child from an unwanted pregnancy between a High Elf female and a Drow Male, and given that Drow females are not well regarded by their High Elf compatriots, this poor girl was stripped of her magical powers as soon as she was born. Using powerful magic, they prevented her from ever absorbing mana into her body through any means. Thus, they basically castrated her from the beginning. She was also never given an opportunity to learn magic, making her unable to read and write in the language of magic.

Magical Defense Weakess: 20% reduction in elemental magic defense. No one knows if status attack magics have a bonus against her.


Using traditional elven weaponry


Maintaining weapons

Learning things

Weapon Preference: None, she can use quite a lot

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Mental Disorders: None

Medical Disorders: None

Occupation: None.

Bio: A product of the rape of a High Elf female to a Drow Male during an attack of the colony, this girl's life was going to be difficult. As abortion was banned in the society she was in and that there were no-one that wanted such a baby until a certain age, the poor mother had to take care of it herself for the early years of development. That mother was constantly reminded of her attacker just by looking at the baby and so grew to hate her own child. The community did not know how to handle the mother: some treated her with sympathy, others with detestation. The child, however, received not even a little sympathy. From the start, the community were deeply suspicious and afraid of her. They thought that it was genetic destiny that she would turn out like the rest of the Drow female, much hated matriachs of magic that plagued the land. So, to prevent this, they sealed her completely from magic. For elves, magic is second nature and an important part of them. Doing something like this was like castrating them.

She didn't have a very easy childhood, given that practically everyone in her colony hated her. She was ostracized by almost her entire community and barely taken care of. From an early age, she learnt that she would have to take care of herself. When she was of fighting age, the girl was abandoned by her mother and left in the colony's military school. It was like a boarding school where students would learn the art of war. While most others came here by choice, some were sent here as they lacked competence in magic. Magic in this colony held a privileged position in society, while the more 'mundane' martial arts were looked down on. The girl found that those here cared little for her origin or her lack of magic. All that mattered here was how well she did and how she was as a person. Finally seeing a chance to shine and get praise, the girl trained hard...very hard. By the time she graduated, she was on the top of most subjects offered by the school. However, when she found herself back in the community, the abuse started again. It was as if the school was another world. The very night after she graduated from the military school, when she returned home...there was no welcome for her. In fact, quite the opposite.

That night...she was expelled from the colony as she was at the age she could be allowed to leave. It appeared that they had planned this from the very beginning. Giving her very little supplies to go on and dumping her in the middle of nowhere, they expected her to be lost forever in the forest. However, that was not to be. On the verge of starvation, after trekking aimlessly through the forest, she met someone. A human. At first, she expected the worst as those back at home told her horror stories about other races. The colony that she came from were ethnocentric. Yet...the human treated her with kindness that she never received from her fellow elf...or even her mother. The human nursed her back to health and allowed her to travel with him on his journey to see places. The man was an eccentric traveller named Yusuke Godai, a kindhearted man who seemed to live to help people. As they traveled, he told her of the places he had been, the sights he had seen...and he had seen many things. He even showed her pictures of the sights and things he had seen using something using technology that didn't exist on the planet. The man was not even of the world they were on...and yet he seemed so natural to her. As she spent time with him on his travels, stopping often to help and save people, she grew attached to him. Yet, she never said anything to his face about her feelings...as she didn't really understand them and feared rejection.

However, she would never get the chance to tell him how she felt. One day, they were ambushed by something inexplicable...and terrifying. Yusuke told the girl to run away from there without him, that he would hold it off as long as he could. Obviously, the girl refused and tried to fight it...without success. The thing was too strong for her, much too strong. She was about to be killed when Yusuke took an otherwise fatal blow for her. Despite the fact that he was going to die...he managed to kill the creature...using a power she had never seen him use. With the creature defeated, the man finally fell...

The girl couldn't save the man...the damage was just too much. With his dying breath, Yusuke granted her the right to use the same power that defended them from the creature...the same power that apparently saved so many in other worlds...

Personality: A classic 'kuudere' type of girl, who has a cold, neutral and perhaps sarcastic demeanor at first meeting. Due to her experiences, she puts up a mask of acting tough and nonchalant. When she is by herself, she takes off the mask and shows a more vulnerable side. She is quite lonely after the death of her first unrequited love but is scared of showing herself to people. She also has some trouble, understandably, with her origin. She cannot quite accept herself as she is. Strangely enough, she likes superhero shows and comics and will watch and read them devotedly.

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