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Mini Magi

Name: Yul B. Allwright
Age: Doesn't talk about it, but looks somewhere from 18-22.
Species: ???

Background: Considered a living myth, Yul is known to a small number of experienced adventurers, merchants, and nobles. An unsettling looking young man, whose home and motivations have yet to be discovered. But what is at least known, is that if there are no heroes, or not enough guards and knights for a threat, Yul can be contacted through the adventurer's guild to deal with just about anything, for a high price.

Operating as a solitary figure, he undertakes dangerous quests with exceptional skill, or brute force, often unraveling mysteries and resolving conflicts in a manner that satisfy him, and to some extent, his employers. His open occupation is that of a competent, albeit expensive, adventurer, but his attitude, and troubles to contact him fuel the whispers and speculations surrounding his true nature. His secret reputation is that of Dr. Allright. A brand known for cheap but good medicine even any commoner can afford.

Personality: Due to a (in his opinion) justified superiority complex, Yul is very cocky, arrogant, and easygoing. He freely taunts and belittles those in his way, often to provoke and allow them to inflict anything from a punch to seemingly fatal wounds before getting right back up and retaliate in dramatic fashion. His enjoyment and laughter, obvious on display as he does so. Or so one might think.

However, this is all a front. His "tough guy" persona is to compensate for the fact that he's lonely, and he uses it to vent his frustrations on people he believes are beneath him. In actuality, Yul desperately wants people to like him, but his first impression always being a bad one, usually prevents that. And so keeps using his arrogant persona as a defense mechanism. But glimpses of a softer personality are there. A personality that loves to laugh at both good and bad jokes, works hard to refine the medicine he secretly produces, and uses all powers in his arsenal to protect those he believes in.

Actual Background:


Yul's creation was many generations ago, in what is now known as "the Technical Age". A period of time when buildings reached into the sky, and machines were used for everyday conveniences. But it all came to a halt when a gate opened, linking 2 worlds, and allowing demons and monsters to pour into this unprepared realm. While resistance was there, most of the population were not trained, or well-equipped enough to fight back, and even those that could, would have to do so in groups to deal with larger monsters. So? The people of that time decided to use these monsters, and any other resources that came at them. The result of their labor were magitech weapons, and the first homunculi. Artificial humans, super soldiers with the powers of monsters. Yul was among that very first batch, and was written off as the weakest, and entrusted with missions of lesser danger, such as information gathering and dealing with relatively feeble threats. Easy, considering at that time, Yul didn't have a will or personality of his own.

Unfortunately, the stronger homunculi, which were deployed to fight at the front lines, fell eventually, forcing the humans of that time to use their most powerful weapons, and hence end the technical age. Yul survived this turn of events, as did many humans, continued his mission, and found out that he could evolve by devouring other monsters. An oversight in his design, which would eventually turn Yul into a walking apocalypse. One however, that was on mankind's side. And although it took many years, Yul eventually fulfilled his main objective. To destroy the gate that linked the worlds.

So... What now? Yul was not prepared to handle a situation like this. Left with no goal, no mission, no objective, Yul finally had some time for himself, and began to think for many years in seclusion. About the world, about himself, about what to do, and all the information he had gathered over the years. He looked human, he felt calm, and... he felt... everything. Emotion, empathy, intellect, a higher understanding of the world around him. Specifically, that if another monster like him was ever allowed to exist, this world would not survive. And as it turned out, that would be quite a shame. When he checked back on humans, they had recovered rather well, build cities, learned to cast magic. Odd as humans as a whole may be, they were entertaining. Fun even. And there were plenty of good people that resounded with his new sense of empathy. So? He made a bit of his strength known on a few chosen occasions, and while not simply living his life, would watch the world to make sure it kept spinning.

"I've killed... More times than I can count.
I've burned empires. Devoured demons. Dethroned gods.
And I did it without any of them even knowing my name. That's what it means to be me. To be the invisible monster who keeps the other monsters at bay."

(Quick note: Nope. This character is not meant for adventure roleplays. He is specifically designed to be as OP as possible, which would result in no challenge at all. Roles that suit him well would be to allow himself to be someones servant simply for the fun of it, or a guardian to someone who catches his attention.)

From the album:

Yul B. Allwright

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