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    Hey all, so I hope this interests anyone. I am a pretty fluid and adaptable role player with some experience with nearly anything. There are very few things i will absolutely never roleplay, but if you aim for something out of my regular practices it will have to have a real interesting angle to it or I will likely pass (I am a giant slut for good worldbuilding though).

    as for what those regular practices actually are, Fantasy of any genre is my bread and butter, I absolutely love thinking up of power systems and magical arts to supplement the real world and give it some extra spice/intrigue. I am fond of Sci-fi and sci-fantasy for many of the same reasons.

    The genre I'd say i have the most difficulty playing is straight 'romance' (not to say heterosexual, but rather romance without any other frills). Especially when these stories usually take place in a mundane world not much different from real life. Don't get me wrong, i have no problem with being romantic and with romance developing between characters, it;s juts that i often get bored if that romantic interaction/drama is supposed to be the central appeal and driving plot point of the RP. I find that the best love stories end up being written in the middle of events that have next to nothing to do with said love stories (say, a soldier falling in love with an 'enemy' civilian while trying to get through an active war zone alive, to give a cliched example).

    When it comes to the ecchi stuff, I'm similarly rather flexible in what I play. I am about 70/30 split in regards to Dom/Sub but ultimately my one true kink is female pleasure. The better and bigger the display, the more excited I get, and I love playing with girls eager to explore a particular fetish or newly stumbled upon kink, especially the shy ones.

    Besides that I also generally enjoy taking on a mentor-like role in sex and romance and find it enjoyable to show a girl the ropes (whether she wants it figuratively or literally) when she's looking to explore something she might not be completely familiar with yet. I'm not particularly fond of incest storylines (particularly the inter-generational ones. I'll be more easily convinced for sibling or cousin storylines) but if you call me daddy that's a pretty surefire way to get my attention ^_^.

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