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    monsterhunter eva
    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    hmm how to make this as nice as i can? well lets start with the basics 🙂

    main three: rough, dominated(me being dominated), bestiality. cant help but to love these hehe
    also: third perspective is my favorite but can also do first, and im a major sub...
    my messurments(since you cant see my body in the profile pic)

    • height:1,67m tall, weight:light(thats all im saying;), general bodytype: slim with a bit of curves, skin/fur: white and soft and thin(about 0.5-1.5cm thick)
    • breasts: DD cupsize(38DD), butt: healthly big and plump, soft round cheeks, hair: short/medium white.

    other than that, i love fucking for the sake of breeding aka fill me with your fertile cum. oh and i love cum, both getting cummed on and getting pumped full 😉 i love cocks of any creature too so lots of sources for fun. and i generally love making people happy, giving a smile brings me joy despite my sosial anxiety 😅

    some other random facts about me:

    • total sizequeen(the bigger cocks, the better), cockloving whore(i love cocks, what can i say), oral fixation(love having things/cocks in my mouth)
    • ear penetraition is awsome, mayor hentai lover(hentai and lewds rules!), love anthros(animal hybrids are hot as fuck), fan of impregnation( love the act of it hehe)
    • incest is alright(love it...), forced is also a thing(rape and breed me hehe), oh and facehuggers(alien) is a blast 🥰, lastly is my love for futas(sexy and with a cock, hell yeah)

    thats it for now... will work on improving 🙂 and may you have a lewd day 💞

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