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  • Preferences of someone who's a maid freak

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    maid lover
    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    IMPORTANT NOTE: i only play as myself as a character so please don't ask me to play as something i'm not 


    i LOVE being submitted, i can also play dom (but i'm not extremely good at it). I don't do it for me, but for the other person to feel good, that's why I only play that with people I a have a special relationship with.



    being submitted, older women (my biggest weakness with maids),  bondage (not extreme), blindfolding, being raped, blindfolded, succubus, teachers, older sisters, mommies, basically women (possibly older) that can put me in my place and be dominant. one thing i really love are also feet, and sockjobs. I also really like women with lots of experience to teach me stuff about the feminine sexual world.

    The domination i seek is not an extreme one, but a much more simple one where i am letting you take the lead and do kinky stuff to me without being treated too harshly, but if i ask to it's ok to be a bit rougher.



    people who take way too much time answering me back, people insisting on roleplaying when i don't want to


    i like a women that can take care of me like an older sister, or a sadistic maid punishing her own master while looking after him. One thing i really love and enjoy is being praised, except when i'm kinda down... anyway i love when i get adressed as darling, love, sweetie, cutie, honey etc, but being praised too much would put me in a kinky mood, especially if called master or good boy (please be careful with that XD). I'm really romantic so I love being cuddled so much and love giving and receiving affection and attentions, even if it's unnecessary; i just love to be doted and spoiled (that's why i love caring motherly figures and older women).

    I also love being  teased, and the more i try to distance myself and get embarassed the more I'm getting in the mood (but not too much! i'm not into edging so please don't do that to me)


    if anyone has trouble looking for me here's my discord  - obleraski#0403


    hope you all have a good day ❤️


    what? other things i like you say? that's easy! maidsmaidsmaidsmaidsmaidsmaidsmaidsmaidsmaids...

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