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    Hello! I am not new to roleplay. I been Rping for 8 years now. I have rules for my partners. I enjoy doing Romance, Action, and Sexual themes base story. I will once in a while do all sex rps. In the past I have written seveal different fanfiction books as well. I like playing many different characters.

    I do about 4 - 8 sentence per post. So Like a paragraph and a half. I like details in my rps. But I like space for going back and forth with my partners. I am open to discuss rps and i have many different ideas and things. Please do know I am on my phone. SO PLEASE KNOW I USE DISCORD TO HELP RP WITH YOU. 

    I love Neko and Kitsune. And do normal do Human base rps. 

    I have seen alots of Anime. Below is my favorite ones.

    Sword Art Online  (Seen All and read all books)

    HighSchool DXD (All Seasons)

    HighSchool Of The Dead

    Fate Stay Night ( all Stay Night routines)

    Here are some Plot Ideas.

    Plot one

    There were three nations that were at war. One nation was the nation that was a republic and now is a empire that had formed the best troops in the world they were know as SPQR. the other nation had super soldier known as coordinators do to the face they were DNA changed. The last nation was known as freedom fighters they were both countries who dislike them who banged together after the last war that killed many people. There was a battle that happen three years ago.. On a field where one of the greats battles it's a battle to fight for the right to self government and the prince would have nothing with it. The leader was a man named General Caesar Julia Yamato. But know on the battlefield as the black swordsman with dual swords.   Little to his knowing that his youngest sister would end up fight on the same field and she fall in love with the rebel leader. He was the son of the dead general. Soon they would join forces and end war forever at the cost of one's life.

    Plot two

    Kira Yamato you may think the battle is over and you return to a normal life. But you have no idea what is coming you have been chosen for the Holy Grail Wars. you will soon learn your true power as a hero. Now my son i shall grant you a Power worthy of your combat skills and sword. Come forth Saber King of the Knights and holder of Excalibur! Kira soon you will find out the truth, find the holy grail and complete your destiny as a hero! With Saber at your side. Now Go Forth and Fight! You must fight to save the one you love.

    Plot three

    I am a transfer from military combat to a collage where you and a friend try to help me get back to old life without war. I was a combat pilot for a year then i was a special forces team leader. we were paired as roommates because your friend Jenna believed that you could help me through this pain. we had no clue that we were going to fall in love right way. You end up playing with me and you find out the the war had took everything from me making me more sub to you. And you us this to your advance but you do love me as well.

    Plot four

    You working at a NightClub that's also a VIP Rooms or (Kinky Rooms) for VIPs. You are on of the best dancers and you have a the repution on being the best mistress for the VIPs but tonight would be the night that changes yours for ever. Tonight you play host to one of the most famuse military Heros know to date. It was his 18th birthday party with his team. Witch you had no idea that he would get you a more money paying job and it would be things that you want to do. And not forced jobs like this one.

    Here are some of the more Sexual base rps Ideas 

    Idea one
    So I am the most wanted hooker / bdsm slave girl. And everyone had me on there most wanted wall. And you been seaching for me for the last 6 months. And you been working the case for 2 years. And you end up with your chance to arrest me. But you not take me to jail you going to take me to as classified 4 miles island in the middle of a 20 miles lake. Where this island is for the top hooks where you get used in porn video and live porn shows and VIP get to tell want happens and your character and freinds run this place.

    Idea 2
    Ok so you are a leader of a really strong nation and you like to go to other countries and enslave the all the most sexy girls. And soon you come across my nation who are very strong too. My nation is all very very sexy Valkyries and we are strong. And you want me as your sex slave queen. But you want to capture me in battle that is then best way to show you are strong. And it make it better when you take my city and show me off as your capture prize.

    Idea 3
    After a Great Apocalyptic event. Only the young from the ages 18 - 23 were alive and they were only futa girls and normal girls. But they didn't come together. And they broke up in to groups of schools that were futa only or normal only. They set up there own governments. And once a year for 3 days the groups were able to attack and take stuff from the other schools. And they could take equipment or the the girls as slave and sluts. To be used at other schools. And different buying and selling and stuff went on.

    idea 4
    And it's where I am a very sexy cheerleader. And you the captain of the football team. And you have had your eyes on me. For a while we went on a few dates. And then after a great game and after everyone left and it was just me and you. You will make a sexual move on me. You will handcuffs my wrists behind my back and force me out back to a one of the old school building where you will have bdsm sex with me. And you will take me and make me your sex slave.

    Plot Five

    Can you be a student teacher who is using me as sex slave to film porn shoots and you selling them to the girls. You run a health class. And you use me as a live specimen and you like don't let me leave your side.

    Plot six

    This is a all girls school and this year for the first time they were allowing boys. And this school was teaching combat hand to hand stuff. After a post nuclear war. And you were one of five teams of leaders. Who ever you capture you could sell them as slaves to be used or your can kept them as your sex slave. And you can use them in sex shows for money. And this year you have a target me. But it this game there was a large open battlefield it was 900 miles large each team had a school as their home base and each team has a fort and a market and a slave trade place. In a 50 mIle area. The objective are capture the teams or the flags. At the forts and home base. Capture the commanders and the teams have to surrender and be eliminated from the game as Captives. 


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