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  • Shuya's Preferences

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    Kalvoras Vertal
    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    "I may play the fetishes that are not checked by both the 'Will Roleplay: Fetishes' and 'Will Not Roleplay: Fetishes' sections as experiments to see if I like them or not. Same goes with the 'Genres' and 'Types of Roleplay Characters' sections. I'm not very picky about how long your sentences are, but please have fairly decent grammar. Other than that, I'll make sure to have fun here!"

    "I am the proud owners of four species:

    • Bahira'mantailawbura (Eternal Entity)
    • Unversed (Angel/Demon Hybrid)
    • Hagorath (Basically Vampires. Species shared with @Neptune)
    • The Mēfwa (Click for species profile)

    "I hope that we can have fun together ^_^"

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    When I first started roleplaying with Shuya, his posts were mainly small and his character sheets lacked any real detail. But I saw a diamond in the rough, and I was very right in that. I gave Shuya a lot of feedback on his roleplaying, as well as his characters and since then he has improved leaps and bounds. He now likes to pump out nice long, detailed posts that are always thrilling to read. I even have a fair number of roleplays with him, including a rather serious, long plotted one. But even though he can do large posts, he is still able to do smaller ones for those that prefer the shorter size length.

    Shuya is very easy to approach, and he is extremely friendly. The one thing I love the most is the willingness he has to take criticism on board and use it to improve himself. That same willingness has helped build him to the really good roleplayer he is today. He’s very open to a lot, and can play a very good submissive and dominant characters which makes him a very flexible roleplayer. He’s so very good for those that like Yaoi! He’s become my yaoi partner xD

    I know he hasn’t been too active in roleplays as of late, but that’s due to laptop problems. When he had a laptop he was posting daily, so is a nice frequent poster.

    10/10 would recommend. Extremely flexible and a very friendly roleplayer. 

    Response from the author:

    "Most of my progress is thanks to you, Nep ^_^ I'm glad that you and others are willing to give constructive criticism to help me better myself ^_^"

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    One of my first, if not the first, partners on ecchidreams, and still tea hing me new things every time we play. Thank you so much. 

    Response from the author:

    "Happy to help ^_^"

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