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    A few prompts I'm interested on:

    —The science of Sex
    Considering her lack of social skills and overall "oddness" she decides that the best way to get rid of her curiosity about relationships and the male body was to offer her lab classmate to do some interesting experiments... All using a very formal and structured method of course.
    (It can be the other way around but I like it being the girl who does it)

    —Oedipus Complex (1)
    She's at that stage where she sees her father as her hero and there's nothing she wouldn't do for him, so when he asked her to help him out with some massages, bathing and some more "fun" games, she accepted with a bright smile, despite the fact that some of the things felt weird and even hurt her a bit....

    She's a single mother having to deal with her young and introverted and over-attached son (b)and/or her imperative and manipulative daughter)
    a) She either finds out he does some odd things while she sleeps (maybe he sleeps with her on her own bed and waits for her to take her sleeping medications) or decides that he needs some lessons about his body...
    b) In this case, the older sister would force / blackmail (knowing that he likes her mother or her) or dare him to do something to his mother, rising the bar at every moment until it goes too far and... (Maybe while she sleeps or maybe does a few things like while she bathes or at work, etc)

    —Favorite student
    His favorite student confessed to him that same day, in fact, he had a feeling (and proves even) that she'd been interested on him for a while, however she never did anything about it because, well, the social norms and so on. However what changed is that she found out some "rumors" that he was a pervert.... 
    a) She confessed her love, getting rejected she decides to negotiate, use her "feminine charms" or even help him out get his darker desires with other girls....
    b)She decides to blackmail him, sadly (or not) he teaches her a lesson.

    —Buried alive:
    It was the church's guard lucky day, a cute little girl had recently died but due to the bad weather and some other complications she the ceremony was cancelled and her coffin was left on a cool room for the next morning... Sadly, during his night time fun he finds out the girl wasn't as dead as he expected... Scared of her letting someone know he decides that she must remain dead after all is over.
    (This can work too with some hanging girl)

    —Cum-dump Hospitals
    Those families who can't afford to keep a comatose relative have two options, turn off their switch or rely on some caring organization willing to pay the bills for the poor victims. Sadly for many girls from a certain hospital, in either case they end up in the hands of some very questionable doctors that decide that a good way to pay for bills is to let some millionaires pay for using the girls' bodies. The good side for the girls is that recent developments on technology and rugs let the girls either live the scene on their heads or recreate a new reality to explain what their bodies hear and feel....

    —Mom needs to pay the bills so...
    Deciding that the best way to pay some debts and get some quick money (that she'll probably waste on alcohol or drugs later on after the debts are paid) was to make her little useless girl work with her body. At first they were just some photo sessions with questionable outfits or strange situations but soon she got new contacts who'd pay bigger sums for less time
    Add on) ...one in particular was quite interesting, this rich man offered to pay a big sum to let him "Go out" with the mother as long as he could also play with the daughter... 
    (Or it can just be the mother letting her alcoholic new bf play with the girl while she watchhes)

    —Cabin on the woods.
    a)Everyone knows there's a secluded family on the woods, well, they know there is some strange group of women and girls there that they call the witches of the wild, strange and easy to scare they try to stay away from people and are hard to catch (in fact, one of the huntsman' favorite sport is to try and get one to have their fun, saying they are the hardest creature to hunt on those woods), they are even said to be some sort of fairy or monster among the local folklore.
    i) But the fact is that they are just simple girls kept under the iron rule of fear of their "father" as simple stock animals for breeding... (and maybe other relatives)
    ii)And they sort of are, part of a small dark cult they are the result of fertility rituals and victim to sacrifices and orgies for the cultists, some willing to be, some hating their fate...

    b) Her mother died giving birth to her and so her father hated her since the very start, keeping her locked on his hunting hut, paying some unscrupulous homeless woman to take care of her in exchange of food and only visiting once in a while. After the girl barely developed living on that secluded place, she started to try to escape to play outside, soon turning into a little barbarian. Finding out one summer the father gets rid of the homeless woman in front of his daughter and decides it's time to teach her a lesson and finally discharge all his hate on the damn girl.

    (Despite the nature of the following prompt let it be known is only connected to fictional fantasies and nothing to do with approving the current situation in some parts of the world (actually I didn't want to post it but then considering other darker plots I posted then it's not very different if it's taken with that mindset))
    —Good little girl
    I'll keep this one short, I've always had some kink for Muslim/hijab incest, not much to say here (plays on my sadistic side I guess) besides what I said up there.


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