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  • A couple fandom RPs I wanna do (1 EXTRA)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    So! I've got a few fandoms I'd like to do a dirty RP or two based on some fandoms I'm in! (Most are ridiculously vague, so yeah)

    1. SCP Foundation

    D-41200609 (MC) is a Class-D of the SCP foundation, where anomalies are tested and contained. Lucky for MC, she's an anomaly herself in the fact that she is completely indestructible. She stretches and hardens against all damaging stimuli, and simply cannot die. Using her ability, she's become the only female Class-D at site-69, known for its... unorthodox method of testing on SCPs, and for it's unethical use of Class-D personnel. You will be playing several anomalies which attempt to fuck their victims, as well as human employees, who are just morally misguided and in desperate need of relief, making a point to get it from MC no matter what.

    (Req. Ability to play several characters, Beastiality kink, CNC kink, knowledge of SCP Foundation)


    2. Fortnite Battle Royale

    First off, I know it's a dated and controversial topic and all, but I think it's hot, so-

    This is a long-term RP in which I'll play most, if not all female fortnite skins released as of yet, over the course of several loops or games. You'll be playing Agent John Jones or Dr. Slone (Futa) as you preform tests on the loopers to see how they, and the island, react to stimuli. In this test you will be determining reactions to being raped, and how they react to certain types of sex or stimulation.

    (Req. Enjoying long-term RPs, Beastiality kink, Interspecies Kink, CNC kink)


    3. Undertale

    A young human (MC) falls into the underground while exploring a mountain range near her home village, and can't get back out. Lost and scared, she begins wandering until she meets a small yellow flower who gives her the message that in the dark, frightening place, it's fuck or be fucked through both words AND actions. Frightened, she continues onwards and realizes that everyone in the underground is both a monster, and male! Desperate for any relief, the monsters use her as she makes her journey through the underground, making friends and enemies along the way...

    (Req. CNC kink, interspecies kink, Knowledge of Undertale, Loli kink)


    More fandoms I wanna do but don't have a story for are; Pokémon, Super Smash Brothers, Harry Potter


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    3 hours ago, AvaTheSlut said:

    And FNAF, as well as FNF

    I do love a good FNAF rp where I get to play the security guard~ 


    And the Mom is pretty hot in FNF~

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