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  • A couple ideas from a newcomer!

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Howdy! I'm lookin' for a few long-term RPs based around the following ideas, I hope you'll take a look!


    Pokémon Master!

    A young trainer (My Character) is ready for her adventure in the world of Pokémon, and she's ready to build her team and be the best there is! However... her future Pokémon are... spirited, and can't help but attempt to get into her pants one way or another, and she's welling to let them! 
    (Req. Capability to play several characters, Knowledge of Pokémon, Beastiality kink, Lolicon kink)


    A new babysitting job! 

    Ava (My character) is a teenage girl getting her first babysitting job, and she's too inexperienced to know what she's doing, so the kid(s) she's attempting to babysit decide to have some fun with her, and things turn strange fast when they notice just how attractive she is. Using blackmail and a little childish trickery, they turn this fit teen girl into their slave. 

    (Req. Shota kink, Dubcon kink, literacy)


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