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  • A Couple Ideas Involving Demons, Tentacles and Bad Ends

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Figured I'd give this a shot. Not going to bore you with a long intro. I have a couple of ideas involving demons, tentacles and bad ends, as the title says. Before that though I do want to go over some rules.

    1. Be able to play multiple characters and genders. If IRL gender matters to you then hit the back button or close this thread. It doesn't matter to me and I would like for my partners to feel the same way.

    2. Be able to play either a dom or sub. I can play both and would like if my partner could do the same.

    3. I'm not big on length. A paragraph is fine with me. If you can do more, great. No one liners at all.

    4. Have decent spelling and grammar. We all make errors from time to time. They don't bother me. As long as I can understand what you wrote. Also be able to write in third person, not first.

    5. If you want to quit or lost interest, please let me know. Don't leave me hanging. Also, don't send me a message and I reply, then you never reply back. That's completely pointless and just wastes my time.

    6. I only roleplay through either PM or Discord. Also, I prefer drawn/anime pics over realistic pics. I will not use real life pics, but you're more than welcome to. Description is fine as well

    So, if you actually read the requirements, write your favorite color in the subject line when you PM me. Failure to do so will result with me ignoring and deleting your message. Seriously it's not that hard. Now onto the ideas.

    For this idea we would both play dom and sub. There's the groups of girls, high school or college girls, that stumble across this ancient board game. It looks very, demonic looking. What they don't know is that it has a demon sealed inside and once they open it they release it. Now they have to play the demon's game in order to free themselves and seal the demon away, or forever be mindless sex slaves to the many monsters and demons in the game.

    Kinks: Demons, tentacles, bondage, orgasm denial, forced orgasms, breast/nipple play, sex toys, mind break and bad end.

    2. This idea would involve us playing as neighbors. You're the daughter of my neighbor. A number of women have gone missing and you suspect it's your neighbor, being that you saw one of the missing women go into his house the other day. So you decide to check it out and discover that he's doing something pretty horrible down in his basement. Now he can be either some kind of demon, or he could be offering the women to a demon. Either of us can play the sub for this.

    Kinks: Tentacles, breeding, forced orgasms, breast/nipple play triple penetration, mind break and bad end.

    Well those are the ideas that I have. I also have some small scenarios down below that some might be interested in. I do have pictures for these scenarios, if you a better idea of what they look like.

    Something lurking in the lake.
    A demon ritual.
    Lab experiment gone wrong.
    Shadows that prey on women at night.
    A demon entering your dreams.
    Slime demon invasion.
    Magical girl fails to save her friends.

    So that's pretty much it. If you're interested or have questions, feel free to PM me. We can discuss other kinks as well in the PM.


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