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    Name: Nicholas Green
    Age: 21
    Weight: 123 lbs
    Height: 5'11
    Interests: books/audiobooks, music, chess, poetry, fitness, woodworking, manga.

    Nicholas was a cart pusher for Walmart. He had the most physically intense job in the store when done well, but it also meant he had a lot of time to kill once the sun started going down. His managers knew this, and kept him busy with carry-outs, stocking, propone exchanges, and often had him covering other peoples' 15 minute breaks, which he didn't mind. They were good distractions from his thoughts.

    At 9:03 PM he clocked out to lunch. He liked going to lunch later than he was supposed to, as it took a while for him to get hungry. He grabbed his soup from the break-room fridge and went back outside outside, sitting on a bench near the building to eat. The cart-pusher on the other side of the lot was chatting up an old friend who'd recently retired due to a series of strokes from the past year. Nick could see them far in the distance, but chose to focus on the young adults playing catch in the very back of the lot. They were bad at it, but they were having fun.

    As he began to get lost in his thoughts, the deafening revving of a truck engine brought him back to the present. Both annoyed and relieved to be out of his head before his thoughts began spiraling negatively as they often did, he cringed and plugged both ears.

    The revving finally stopped and he brought his hands back down to the bowl of soup in his lap, beginning to take another bite. 

    He felt his cap being pulled off his head, and glanced back to see who it was.


    (Kinks? Idc, really. As long as there's no tentacle monsters or giantesses.)spacer.png


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