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         I'm currently looking for anyone that wants to rp as a femboy,trap, sissy, etc. Doesn't matter if its an OC or from any fandom. As long as you have an image ready that I approve of is all that matters to me. And if you have a friend who wants to join in we can also do that. And I prefer only playing one character but you can play multiple characters if you want to. Just run them by me before making them. Also it doesn't matter what gender you are irl you just have to make your character male. Also I plan to have multiple running. So even if I am in one currently you can still rp with me.  Also if you wish for it to be long or short just let me know.


    1. You are a college student and you have been developing a crush for (My character) for some time now. But since he is fawned over by many of the girls in the college you never made a move on him assuming that he was straight. But for some strange reason all of this time he never had a girlfriend. And recently rumors began to go around that he was in fact gay and that was the reason why he didn't have a girlfriend. Upon hearing this (Your character) figured it was the best time to confess your feelings to him. (And thats when we will take it from there.)

    2. You are a highschool student who is sort of an outcast in school. Never really being noticed by anyone and relatively just keeping to yourself. Not really having an interest in anything and not having much enjoyment in life. That was until your eyes landed on (My character) and instantly you couldn't stop thinking about him. You thought about him nearly everyday in every hour just fawning over him. Even having wet dreams where you were dominated by him. It was almost to a point of obsession. And ever since then you have been stalking him afterschool. Following him wherever he goes and if a girl or guy dared to get near him. You caused something to make that person distance themselves from (My character). Trying to ensure that you were the only one meant for him. (This is a sort of yandere type thing)

    3. You are a beastfolk hybrid. Being half human and half beastfolk. Having animalistic characteristics with primarily a human form.  And was in one of the new programs that the government have recently implemented. That stated that all beastfolk even hybrids much accompany a pure blooded human to ensure that they didn't go feral in public. And that the human they are given to have to suppress their sexual urges to stop them from becoming feral and causing harm to innocent people. And you have recently been given to a new human. This one was a wealthy single bachelor with white hair and for the time being was going to be your care taker. How does your character react to this new situation of his?  You can decide (Neko x Human)

    4.(Incest/ Shota) 

    You and your step or real brother have recently begun moving to a new apartment to live in and had been forced to share a room with one another. Since their mother had recently gotten a new job that came with lots of benefits. But now she was constantly busy and barley spent any time at home thus causing both of you to spend a lot more time with one another without any parents in the house. And your elder brother began to form a bit of hatred for your character  as what little time their mom did spend it would always be spent with you. But unlike your brother who was beginning to hate you, your character began to have feelings for him since he was the only one who truly took care of you. And you began to be obsessed with him. To the point you would sneak into his room once he left for school and grab one of his dirty underwear and began to sniff it to smell his musk. Often masterbating on his bed while sniffing them. And one day you were once again in his room sniffing his underwear when suddenly you heard the door to his room open as he caught you in the act of sniffing his underwear.

    And from there we will carry on.

    5.(Teacher x Student.) 

    Your character had a reputation for being know as the "bad kid" of the school. Being viewed as nothing more than a good for nothing delinquent by most of the school. Which was partially true. You ran a small gang inside of the school and would prey on the weak who didn't defend themselves. Stealing their money and beating them if they didn't pay on time. But your recent actions of ruling the school with an iron fist hasn't gone unnoticed. The principal decided it would be in the best interest of the school to finally deal with you and your deeds. So he gave you a choice. Either be expelled or take anger management classes from a newly hired teacher who had experience with dealing dealing delinquent children. So not wanting to be expelled you obviously choose the second option in a heart beat. And who knows maybe the new teacher will be nothing more than a pushover that you could easily deal with. So today was the day you would be meeting with the new teacher. You entered his office and noticed that this office was different from the other offices. It had a an extra door inside of it. Which was odd but you didn't pay any mind to it. He then offered you some tea. You figured it wouldn't hurt so you drank it all down. But after you drank it you felt dizzy and could feel yourself slowly pass out. And when your character awoke you found yourself handcuffed to a chair with a table nearby full of sextoys. And then you see the new teacher eagerly looking at you. And from there we will continue.

    6. Your idea! Tell me you're idea and we can discuss it together. And if its to my liking we can do it instead of the others.  


    If you have a weird kink or fetish run it by me and I'll let you know if its ok or not! And you can either comment or Ecchichat me if your interested with any of these ideas.


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    Hi there! I would love to be the trap you are looking for! I like your first idea but I also have my own that I’d like to share. Feel free to send me a PM and we can talk more.

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    6 minutes ago, AirAllie14 said:

    Hi there! I would love to be the trap you are looking for! I like your first idea but I also have my own that I’d like to share. Feel free to send me a PM and we can talk more.

    Alright sounds good we shall continue there!

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    If you're still looking, I would love to play with you. I have an idea that's pretty much a combination of 2 and 4, if you're interested. Young crossdressing brother who is just a bit yandere for their big bro. Who may or may not get caught with his underwear.

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