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    Hey! This is just a little list I'm making for ageplay rp ideas. If you see any you like, feel free to ecchitext me so we can play, or use these for inspiration in your own rps, up to you. If you do rp with me however,  keep in mind that I prefer long term rps with progressing stories n such, and I always love introducing new characters to the rp!

    1. Twincest

    Genders: Any

    Ages: 10-16

    Kinks: incest, teen sex 

    Length: long term

    Two identical twins recently have been getting curious about their bodies. Since they're so close, one opens up to the other about this curiosity,  and they start experimenting with each other and eventually it evolves into full on sex. 

    2. Good boy!

    Genders: mxm, mxf, or mxfuta

    Ages: 5+

    Kinks: bestiality

    Length: short term or long term

    One day while at home, the owners male dog comes up to them with their dick out throbbing hard. The owner decides to help their dog out by letting him breed them. 

    3. Bad dog! 

    Genders: mxm, mxf, or mxfuta

    Ages: 5+

    Kinks: bestiality, rape 

    Length: short term

    Similar concept to good boy, but instead of helping their dog out the owner refuses and ends up being raped by the dog.

    4. Mommies boy

    Genders: fxm, futaxm

    Ages: F/Futa: 30-40, M: 5-13

    Kinks: incest, shotacon, femdom, lactation, consensual sex, extra marital affair

    Length: Long term

    He's always been close to his mom, prefering to do everything with her instead of his dad. This makes his father a bit jealous of course, but he doesn't say much about it. Little does he know, recently the two have been getting a bit too close, after the son started getting curious about his mothers body, she let him explore and eventually she starts exploring him too. If the dad were to find out about this the consequences would be dreadful, but they love each other too much not to take the risk

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    I enjoy peeking in on mom and smelling her panties - and figuring out those things she keeps in her night stand.  

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