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  • Blackmail is such an ugly word, I prefer extortion!


    Hey whoever actually reads the body of this post. I am interested in running a few more blackmail genre rps, because I like how everyone handles the situation a little differently.

    I am open to being blackmailed or the other way round, with any gender compostition of characters! 

    A few other  things you should know:

    1: I am posting out of Hawaii so my time zone is GMT -10, and we don't have daylight savings here. So our posts may have long gaps between them depending on my schedule. 

    2: Depending on the situation, my post length varies between a few sentences and a few paragraphs. If post length is important please let me know.

    3: I normally prefer playing female characters , but I am willing to play a male, or even a creature or whatever, just depends on the scenario.

    4: I would prefer to play OC's, but I can research a character if you have a specific fandom you were looking to play with.


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    Kalvoras Vertal


    "I would actually love to! I've never actually been in a blackmail RP before, so I wouldn't mind trying this out at all ^_^"

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    If you're still looking for partners, I'd definitely be interested in a blackmail themed RP with you. :3

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