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  • Chloe Wants to try MxM! (Ageplay)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Heya! I'm a pretty experienced roleplayer, but as it stands I haven't actually done much MxM before, and I wanna change that! I haven't got a ton of ideas in mind, but I do have one plot that I thought could be fun, so I'll outline it at the bottom ^^

    Kinks: Excessive Cum, Large Cocks (12 - 16 inches), Cock Musk, Athletic Bodies, Creampies, Deepthroating, Ageplay. There's probably a lot more but I don't know my MxM kinks yet, so feel free to suggest some in PMs!

    I'm looking to play subs only, and I'm open to playing more fem-styled male characters. Drawn refs are a preference, too! If you have an IRL one I'd rather you just describe it to me.

    MC will be highlighted in Pink.

    Barista X New Hire CRAVING!
    MC (Between 14 and 16) is a regular at the café YC works at, coming in every day after school to hang out for a while, drink a coffee, and study. Summer is just around the corner and MC is on break, so he decides to apply for a part-time job working there and gets hired! It's YCs job to show him the ropes, and you do a pretty good job of it! After about a month or so of training MC has started to look up to YC, seeing him as a sort of cool older brother type, and YC invites him over to hang out, play video games, normal bro stuff. What MC doesn't know about YC however, is that he plans to train MC in more than just making coffee. At the start of the RP, MC will think he's straight, and over the course of it YC will slowly but surely turn him into the perfect cock sleeve. Starts out slowly, with a bit of deception. Maybe something like "Girls will like you more if you know what you want, so I'll teach you how to suck dick properly." and stuff like that, then after a while it becomes "You gotta know how to fuck, dude. I'll show you how to hit their g-spot.", and slowly gets more extreme.

    Also open to suggestions! See you in my PMs, hopefully!


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