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    Hey! I'm gonna be upfront with this; if you're not willing to roleplay any of the following kinks, then this isn't the thread for you; Feet, Rimjobs, Sweat, & Ass Worship

    Also; I'm a girl IRL, and prefer to RP with other girls. I'm also a sub-leaning switch. With that out of the way, I hope you're still reading! This is a thread dedicated purely to my ideal roleplays, so I'm not expecting a ton of interest, since I have some kinda uncommon turn-ons.

    What I'm hoping for is a partner who can cater to those turn-ons! I'm craving some sweaty, girl on girl action (Futas are welcome too ^^). YC taking off her boots at the end of the day and flaunting her feet in front of MC until it sends her over the edge, YC coming back home from the gym and MC burying her face in YCs sweaty ass like there's no tomorrow, just "wholesome" stuff like that.

    Maybe it's time for a few plots, I guess? They're more prompts really. My role will be on the left, e.g. FutaxF means I'll play futa and so on.

    Gym Rat x Not-So-Secret Pervert! (FxF or FxFuta)
    YC is a total gym rat, she goes every day and always gets a good workout in. On the other hand, MC is pretty average, but she loves the gym just as much! Why? Because whenever YC comes home from it, she gets to spend an hour with a face full of ass! YC indulges MC by letting her pretty much do whatever, be it worshipping her feet or eating her ass until she gets bored. Of course, this pretty much never stops with just that, so they end up fucking like animals for a few hours too.

    I'll be adding more ideas in the future, but in the mean time hmu if you feel like brainstorming anything with me! (I won't dom for any guys who try to PM me about it, so don't even ask, I'll ignore you.)



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