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  • (Closed for now) Dom Futa for F character. Underage themes.

    Preamble and important info I guess

    Alrighty, after one successful search thread, and one not-so successful, time to cast a line again. I'm going to try something and keep this thread a little more on the basic side, so here goes.

    This time I'm looking to play as Dominant Futa against Female characters. Your actual gender doesn't matter to me, at all. All RP will be conducted on site, no Discord whatsoever. I prefer to conduct RPs via Ecchitext, and it's also my preferred contact method. So please use that, would be much appreciated. Unlikely to respond to comments here.

    I would prefer someone who can write a fair amount of detail and is at least somewhat active. One reply per day, or more is ideal. As for the length of posts, at least 2-3 paragraphs per reply is a good amount, and 2-4 sentences is way too little, nevermind one liners.

    Once again, since this involves underage play, all pictures for the underage parties are to be fully SFW. I use anime styled pics for characters, and expect you to do the same - but I absolutely don't mind helping out if you'd rather not hunt any yourself. In fact, I love picture hunting, so I'd be more than happy to help out.

    Feel free to check my preferences to see if we'd match well. I'm pretty open minded, so.


    Onto the ideas...?


    Well, sorta. To be entirely honest, for this thread I'm looking for two distinct things. I won't go into very much detail for them because of reasons. I'm gonna keep things simple this time. Just a little blurb for each one.


    Idea 1 would involve a school field trip. For this one, I'd like your character to be roughly 14-16 give or take, and I'd be playing one that's slightly younger. The 'younger' character, mine, would be a Futa, and particularly perverted. There might be elements of dubcon or even noncon. Depending on your preferences, I might add more themes and ideas to it.

    Idea 2 would involve a shipwreck type of scenario, where my character would be a mature woman futa (roughly 30 or so) playing alongside two female characters. (Yes that does mean you'd be required to play two. Bit of a rougher ask, huh?) I imagine one of them would be around 15-16 and the other younger to some degree. How much is up in the air, but I do have a certain lower limit that I tend not to go under, but it's a bit vague and more so based on character appearance.

    More details can be provided via Ecchitext if you're interested.


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