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    Hi! I made a fun fantasy world filled with depraved races. The story is still in progress, but all of the important parts are already made.

    I made a few simple races to play. You can choose any one you want to play as and even create a back story and a goal.

    If you don't have an Idea, here's a few...


    1) A judge of the Whore's Guild. You are sent to every brothel in Qalee and you have to test each one of them.

    2) You are making a book about the sex life of Qalee.

    3) You are in the Adventurer's Guild. You are sent to your first dungeon to clear.

    4) You are an Orc trying to invade the country.


    Of course, we can discuss every detail and can change anything you want. And I'm open to almost every kink.


    The War Era : 

    Long ago, the continent of Qalee was owned by the Pale Ones. They established Castles and Dungeons across the Empire. Whoever was under their control had to obey their code. Their Ruling was ruthless and corrupt ; Assassinations, bribery, treason. The conquered races would form an alliance and fight the Empire. They finally won after a thousand years of battle. Most of the Castles built by the Empire were abandoned while the Pale Ones fled to the coasts. This Era ended with a Peace Treaty. All of the races got their own territory.


    The Peace Era (Current one): 

    A new group of people has been discovered : The Orcs. The Elfic owned Brass Country has been invaded by a nomadic army. Not much is known about them, which makes it an even bigger threat. The Blood Elves are dominating the market of Qalee. The Orcs are approaching from the West and Qalee has to prepare itself. The abandoned dungeons have been mostly invaded by monsters or outlaws.




    Blood Elves : 

    Tall and blond Elves, strictly living inside of The Capital with their own.

    This race is blessed with immortality. The only way to obtain this blessing is by being the result of incest. They gain glowing blond hair and purple eyes. They are not allowed to live outside of The Capital. They are ruled by the Elders, the oldest Blood Elves in Qalee. It is forbidden to have sexual relation outside of their family, though they can have multiple partners as long as they are related.


    Half Elves : 

    Tall Elves, exiled from The Capital.

    They are the result of non-incest birth. They can only be recognized by their pointy ears and relatively tall height. Any Half Elves are exiled from The Capital by the order of the Elders. They have the exceptional ability of birthing any race or creature with success.


    Desert-Folk :

    Dark skinned humans living in The Blood Dunes. They used to be scattered across the desert until The Sun Prince successfully united them. They formed a powerful city near the Moon Lake named Halifyk. After the war, more and more brothels were being made inside the city. Halifyk is most known for its Slave Auction. An event that happens every month taking place in the busiest street and attracting thousands of tourists. The city is also home of the Adventurer's guild. They form parties of young warriors and send them to clear dungeons or caves.


    Pale Ones : 

    Pale skinned humans living on the coasts of The White Plains.

    After their defeat, they established multiple towns along the coasts. Their main source of income is transporting slaves and fishing. The only way to sail to the Arcanomn is by using a boat from the port of their biggest town, Saltbourq. Pale Ones are the most depraved of the races. Their towns are full of brothels, whores, slaves and erotic merchants. 1 in 4 children becomes a whore and later serves a brothel. There are almost no rules concerning sex apart from abusing free citizens. This is why the Whore’s guild has been established. A female judge is sent to every brothel in Qalee to make sure no laws are broken.


    Orcs : 

    Grey to greenish humanoid. Exceptional strength with two horned bottom-tooth. They come from the West and have no sense of family.

    Survivors have said that their armies consists of Giant Elephants armored in steel and decorated with skulls. They ride White Wolves to the battle and often send Horned Eagles. Some have noticed that they often use their prisoners as sex relief toys for their armies


    Adventurer's Guild :

    A Guild set in Halifyk. Their goal is to train future adventurers and make them clear the dungeons scattered across Qalee. Few of them ever come back to the Guild in one piece

    Whore's Guild :

    A Guild set in Saltbourq. Their goal is to train perfect Whore and sent them to each brothels in order to ensure their quality. They have a strict rule of never saying No to horny citizens.


    An order set on an island near Saltbourq. Their goal is to form mages in the Arcane Arts. Not much is known about their origins.


    Half Elves are birthing machines

    Blood Elves are crazy on incest

    Desert Folks are slave traders

    Pale Ones are depraved horned up villagers with no rules

    Orcs are dominating warriors not scared of using their prisonners

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    I'm curiously interested to say the least but when you say judges test the brothels, are judges just female or can either gender? Otherwise I'd be interested in a blood elf route idea

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