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  • Crispy's roleplay ideas (mostly FxF(uta) doms


    I'm Crispy, a female sub ready to rp ❤️ 

    I'm looking for someone thats interested in doing an fxf or fxfuta rp with me, with your character being the dom. I like muscular, tall girls, think someone like... Junkerqueen from overwatch, or WWE wrestler rhea ripley.

    I'm looking for either female or futa. i'll play a female in either situation. As for roleplay idea's, i can work with almost anything. i'd be most interested in: 

    Fandom roleplay: 

    - the Junkerqueen (YC, F or futa) and MC (F, either OC or an overwatch lady). This could either be non-con or wholesome, i don't mind either. For the non-con part, something like debt or kidnapping would fit the queen. for wholesome, i always like a tall, beefy lady protecting me ❤️  (A JQ image just cuz i feel like it: smashing mercy

    (Petplay, master x slave, sex crazed)
    -Moira (YC, F or Futa) and MC (F, either oc or an overwatch lady). The premise of this roleplay would be that Moira has kidnapped MC for her experiments, aiming to transform MC into a sex crazed woman with large curves. For science, of course. And to give Talon a stress relief toy. 

    Steven Universe (rape, bdsm)
    Jasper (YC, Futa) x a gem(MC). This roleplay would take place when Jasper and Peridot get to earth and take the crystal gems prisoner. MC would be a crystal gem, either a canon one (sapphire or pearl, no other) or a new one we'll pretend was always there. Jasper takes interest in MC and keeps her out of the prison cells, and instead takes her as personal fuck toy during their trip to Homeworld. And who knows what happens after that. 

    Genshin impact
    - in this rp, YC would be the shogun of inazuma, electro goddess raiden/ei/whatever you call her. again, i am both open for non-con and wholesome. MC could be a new concubine, or a servant the shogun decides to toy with knowing she cant say no, or any other character what could fit in a plot you'd like. 

    Non-Fandom roleplay: 

    currently don't have any plot in mind that i would like to roleplay, but please feel free to dm me if you want to play a dominating, buff female or futa character! we can make up a storyline together : ) 
    i will update this if inspiration strikes me. 

    If any of this interests you, please message me ❤️ 

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