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    Hello and good afternoon~ , I'm super thankful for everything that I've received from this community in terms of ideas and welcomes, I've been seriously stuck with irl stuff and fell behind on messages big time, my apologies on that front as well.


    I'm looking to have a single ,  or MAYBE two longer term roleplays active at most, I'm also very ghost friendly and cannot keep a firm schedule, so if you need free form/ping pong style communication I'm not a high pressure partner for roleplay~

    My favorite themes are Science Fiction , university, and vintage (1920-1940s) , and I vibrantly enjoy many variations of science fiction, from high science era to classic era to golden era settings~ 


    I delight in far more then a preference sheet can fit and the subtle variations that come with kink thrill me, but I honestly love hearing deeper and more complex stories and erp ideas. I admire larger responses made over a greater period of story, and would greatly love to hear what you have in mind, the longer a response that I can flesh out for you the more I will , usually even past a set post length ...

    right now a lot of my time online is planning and talking,  just pleassse be polite, please don't be entitled, and pleeasse be as creative as you would like to be, characters, setting, story.... No matter what, no judgement,the worst I'll say is I couldn't approach the story in my mind, and I sincerely hope that everyone is doing well finding and keeping quality roleplay partners~

    (In another note, to all that I missed during the irl drama or lost connection with I'm always interested in saying hello again, and sorry about having to clear my massive DM mess, I will be able to be on more going forward ~ )

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