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    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    First, let's get this out of the way, I'm male and prefers to roleplay with females. 

    I'm always up for pure smut, for these times, when we just feel like some dirty/filthy good times.

    Anyway stories that I feel like doing recently:


    Inappropriate Guest

    This scenario is fairly simple, I'm a co-worker or boss of your boyfriend/fiance or husband, comes to your house one night. Your significant other ends up a little too drunk and fall asleep, while I don't hesitate to take advantage of the hospitality and abuse your body in all kind of ways, even with him sleeping right in the next room.

    Drop Out Part 2

    In this world, beautiful women who fail to enter the university become "Dropouts". They are forced into sexual labors, to help other students study better by releasing them of their sexual urges, even during classes. In this scenario, I play a student acquiring a recent dropout. Recommend to watch the Hentai Drop out to get most of it.

    Monster extravaganza

    A more classical scenario where you will play a female adventurer in a Fantasy world, ending up in very sticky and compromising positions, as she would be taken advantage of by the various monsters that she encounters on her journey.

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