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  • Dark Erotic Roleplay

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hello, everyone! My name's Buttercup. Here's a little about me, and my preferences when it comes to roleplaying:

    • I'm looking for roleplaying partners who can write a solid paragraph every reply (more is accepted, but not required), with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I also require that my roleplaying partners write in the third person.
    • I'm entirely ditch-friendly. I don't require an explanation if you want to stop roleplaying--you don't even have to tell me, if you don't want to--and I will almost always be happy to start back up again if you regain interest later on. The only caveat to this is that I expect you to return the favor, and not pester me if I lose interest.
    • I only roleplay through PMs. Sorry, but I ony roleplay on site, and prefer to have a semblance of privacy with it.
    • I always play a submissive female role, and don't double up. I'm sorry if that's inconvenient, but I'm just not comfortable playing dominant characters. I'm looking for roleplaying partners that will play dominant male or futa characters, depending on the storyline.
    • Most, if not all, of my storylines will involve noncon. If you're going to find that triggering, you probably shouldn't take part in a roleplay with me. Please understand that while I find noncon and its consequences to be intriguing to explore throughout writing, since I find dark writing significantly more interesting, I don't think rape is even remotely acceptable in real life.

    If all of those preferences are okay with you, feel free to look over the storylines below! They're listed from what I'm most to least interested in, so if any of those interest you, shoot me an EcchiText!

    1. Best Friends Forever

    YC has been madly in love with her best friend, MC, for years. Unfortunately, MC is straight, and has only ever seen YC in a sisterly light. YC, knowing this, has always kept her feelings for MC secret, hiding, with great difficulty, the fantasies that so frequently invade her head about having MC as a doting, submissive wife. However, longer it's gone on, the harder it's become to hide. So when YC learns that MC, lower on the financial ladder than YC is and miserable with her family, wants to run away, YC says that she'll go with her. She'll get them a home, and they can live freely, far away from their small town and restrictive families. MC is ecstatic, and agrees immediately. If only she knew the plans that YC had for her.
              Pairing: Futa x Female
              Setting: Modern

    2. One Kind Act

    Bullied and outcasted at university and ignored at home, YC has always been miserable and lonely. So when MC, a beautiful girl a year or two below them, MC, reaches out and is friendly to them, they immediately develop an infatuation with her. They convince themself that she's in love with them, but unable to act on it because of her higher social and financial status. Telling themself that it's what MC wants, YC kidnaps her, convincing themself that she's just embarrassed of the strength of her attraction to them, and that she will grow to be a loving, devoted wife with time.
             Pairing: Male x Female, Futa x Female
             Setting: Modern

    3. Desperate Times

    YC is a good person. They've donated to charities, been a devoted friend to many, and has always strived to do the right thing. They're the head of an honest business, a beloved uncle/aunt to their nieces and nephews, and is overall considered an ideal when it comes to altruism. That's why no one would ever guess just how sick their desires are. In truth, YC, for all their benevolent nature, is sexually depraved, and wants nothing more to force a young woman to be their pet, whether she wants to be or not. The object of most of their fantasies is YC, one of their younger employees. She's a sweet, bubbly girl, more beautiful than anyone woman they've ever seen, and they want to destroy her. They want to make her theirs, but they'd never risk all their livelihood just to fulfill their fantasy. They've come this far without acting on their desires, they can go even longer. But when they learn that MC is a single mother, struggling to make ends meet and relying heavily on the job they gave her, they see an opportunity to fulfill their fantasies, while maintaining the image they've made for themselves.
             Pairing: Male x Female, Futa x Female
             Setting: Modern

    4. The Fairest Rose

    YC is a barbarian, leading a raging, furious rebellion against the king whose laws led to the death of his wife and child. While it started out as a righteous mission, YC has been corrupted by the need for revenge, and when he and his rebellion manage to take over the castle, he entirely intends to get revenge on the king by murdering the queen and princess, to make the king suffer the same pain he inflicted upon him. The royals are forced before him, chained and brought down from their pedestal, and he kills the queen without remorse. However, upon laying eyes on the beautiful, pure young princess MC, the only member of the royal family who is truly innocent, a new, sick idea takes hold. What better way to get revenge on the king for killing his wife and son than making MC, the king's only and most beloved child, take his wife's place, and bear him new children?
             Pairing: Male x Female
             Setting: Medieval

    5. Family Affairs

    It had been a long time since things between YC and his wife were good. She resented him for being unable to provide and leaving their family just barely above the poverty line, and he had come to loathe her for her infidelity. It was really no surprise that his wife took off one night, running off with some rich man who could give her so much more. What was surprising, however, was that she left without their daughter, MC. YC had never paid his daughter much mind, too distracted with work and alcohol and trying to keep his wife around, but now that they're alone, MC is all he can think about. MC, his lovely, lovely daughter, who looks so much like his wife did when they were young, and so much in love.
             Pairing: Male x Female
             Setting: Modern
             Potential variation: 1. YC has been a drunkard ever since his wife left him years ago. After her death, he gains custody of their daughter, now a beautiful young woman instead of the scrawny child he left behind. 2. YC marries an enamored business woman with the express intent of having access to her beautiful young daughter, MC.

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    The fairest rose and the Desperate Times interest me the most  but why do you use the most

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