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  • Denver in the Winter

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    It's a basically short plot.....3 young college girls between 19 and 22 pooled resources to rent a spacious cabin in Colorado just before the first snow.....3 bedrooms, a roaring fireplace and girls only...what could be better?

    An intruder breaks in, suprises gags, strips and ties up one of the girls, leaving her to be found...,bait...

    Eventually ball three are nude bound gagged and sexually tortured.

    But what about our victims now?.....more weekend debauchery?... kidnap the girls and sell them to whore houses?.... take them home to make them sex slaves?large.790959.jpg.c6cc75e6a8679f35bbdb0b9f2ef3c44c.jpg


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