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  • Diapers + ABDL inside <3

    • Comment here first! Looking


    Um gonna keep it kinda simple. 

    I um.. 👉👈 I really kind of want to do an ABDL rp..... just something with MC being diapered. And I understand that it's not everyones kind of thing...

    Very open to new plot ideas! If you have any please let me know.



    • "I have looked over and interviewed the new girl. She is quite fascinating. Quite different from what her parents had written to us about. During the interview she was polite and happy, however it was also interesting. Once my attention was divided, things changed. My assistant Ella had walked in and Once my attention was divided she changed. She had gone from this sweet bubbly girl (much like the ones LEAVING the facility) to a sulking nasty brat like we are used to arriving here.

    In my opinion, it would not do her best to receive the usual regime. Rather she needs a.... more invasive regime. I believe it would be best to have her regressed back to a young age. Now we do have some options for you to assist you in this.

    Option A.
    No medical intervention. This will be a mental game of wills.

    Option B.
    Medical intervention: the MLBY medication will be introduced. This will regress her mental state to that of a younger time.

    Option C.
    Medical intervention: The PLBY medication will be introduced. This will regress her physical being to that of a younger time.

    Option D.
    Medical intervention: Both MLBY and PLBY medication will be introduced, regressing her both in mentality and physically.

    So what are you thinking Sir?" The doctor asked placing the file on his bosses desk and leaning on it. "I do believe this will lead to the best results"

    ~In which YC is the boss of a female behavioural correction facility.

    •He's her teacher. He catches her slipping into little space during a test. Him being a daddy knew the signs.....

    •YC and MCs dad were gang rivals, two of the biggest Mafia don's in the city. YC manages to get his hands on MC. MCs father had always referred to her (to everyone) as 'his baby' so YC decided what if her turned her into a baby of his own. To get back at her father and embarrass her families gang.

    •YC sees a girl, he just has to make her his little babygirl.

    •They meet on a site for ABDL.

    •She needed money and signed up for a medical trial. What she never thought is that she would be turned back into a child. Relying and depending on her (brother/father/boyfriend/friend) to look after her.


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    I would 100% love to do this with you the two I am leaning toward are the gang rivals and the MC sees yc and just has to turn her into his babygirl. 

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