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  • Dom male seeking Sub females.

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hello ladies. I am a 26 year old, dominant male living in the CST timezone. I'm looking for a few quality, descriptive females to write smut with. I prefer my roleplays to be around 80% smut to 20% story.

    If you have a kink that you don't see on my list, ask me about it. Chances are I'm into it or at least willing to give it a try. 

    I love communication. If you're not happy with how the roleplay is going, if I write something you're not a fan of, if you have ideas for the progression of the roleplay, tell me. You won't offend me.

    Also, all our characters will be and look over 18.

    Original Pairings (I will play any roles in bold. I will put an asterisk [ * ] beside my current cravings.):

    Buyer/purchased sex slave 
    Buyer or creator/android
    Jock/cheerleader or nerd
    Father/daughter or babysitter or daughter's friend or step-daughter 
    Father/son's girlfriend or wife
    Brother/sister or sister's friend or step-sister or another brother's girlfriend
    Son/mother or step-mother
    Husband/wife's mother or sister or friend
    Cop/criminal (could be anything, from a parking ticket to a murderer)
    Soldier/civilian or foreigner
    Knight/queen or princess
    Master/slave and/or submissive 
    Pirate/stowaway or wench or kidnapped woman or fellow pirate or figure of authority
    Client/prostitute or stripper
    God/sacrifice or priest(ess)


    Batman or Joker or OC/Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy or Catwoman or Batgirl or OC
    Robin or Cyborg or Beast Boy or OC/Starfire or Blackfire or Raven or OC
    Thor/Hela or valkyrie or Darcy or OC
    Claude Frollo/Esmeralda 
    Hades or Hercules or Zeus/Megara
    Beast or Gaston/Belle or Gaston's fangirl(s)
    Hagrid or Snape or OC/OC or Lily (Snape/Lily could include some non-con at first)
    Robin Hood or Prince John/Maid Marian (no furries)
    Grave Robber/Amber Sweet (Repo! The Genetic Opera)

    I'm open to any and all ideas or cravings you may have, all you have to do is ask.

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    I'd be interested in an older brother / younger sister situation if you're still interested~

    It'd probably be Mirada from this album. I'll be filling in her details soon.  


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