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  • Don't be gentle, its a rental // Rent a slave (M4F)

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    In a world where female slavery had recently been allowed again, and society was slowly getting used to it, the market prices for high quality or attractive female slaves was still very high and unattainable for most. A large company saw a market gap, and founded a rental service for slaves, buying up large stocks of highly expensive, attractive slaves, and renting them to normal people, who normally wouldn't be able to get their hands on them, for a fair price. This concept flourished and was highly successfull, much like car rental services in our world.

    In this world, Alexander Weiss, a mediocre agency ceo, planned a road trip to italy, where he would spend his one week vacation. He was single, owned no slaves and barely had any friends to go with him on holiday, so he decided to rent a toy for his vacation...

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