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  • Erotica Rp Please (MxF)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I'm looking for a ERP between MxF, I don't care what gender I play. Normally the males I protray tend to be sarcastic, but kind, bold, and dom/sub. I switch it up, because in sex it always nicer to take turns having each others way.

    As a Female, I'll do my best to match what kind of Females you like. Yet I tend to be a closet perv, a female that loves to work up her men by being all over him in one way or another. By playing off her desire in accidents, or temptation.

    Neiter character is mixed with other genders. I'm a nice person but I don't take bs so please. Don't fight with me, I rather be a lover than a fighter. If you don't like something-- say something. I don't mind changing anything to save the feel of a story.

    If you're interested Ecchitext me. Let's play together in the messages.

    [I don't do group plays, I'm far too selfish tp share. Nothing against anyone else though.]

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