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    “I wanna play a game.” It was such a simple phrase, but it brought a shiver down the spine of each person who heard it on the loudspeaker. “Each of you is trapped in a room…a room not unlike the lives you have created for yourselves. You will have fifteen minutes to find the code to the only door leading out of your room.” The voice itself was deep but not unkind. Rather it was matter-of-fact. “After the fifteen minutes have elapsed anyone who has not escaped their room will be trapped and left to die.” A brief paused ensued. “When faced with Death, who Should live versus who Will live are two entirely separate things…” the voice trailed off and a digital clock slowly began to countdown. The game had begun. 

    I would like to do a role play based on the Zero Escape games. Obviously if you’ve never played the games that doesn’t really matter to me. I just want to play as Zero Escape characters…you are under no obligation to do the same…original characters are even encouraged. I’m looking to play atleast two characters…you can choose to play more than one if you like, but again that’s  up to you.
    The point of the role play is being stuck in a series of escape rooms. The ultimate goal is to escape the entire facility. There will be lots of fun smutty play between rooms because there are often more communal drama that happens between rooms. 
    Hit me with an Ecchitext so we can talk more about this!!


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