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  • Everything began when I saw you...

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    06:07:31 December 2020

                The first time I saw you was through a window in the subway on the way to Tokyo. I was getting off at this stop. I never could figure out why my eyes were so attracted to you. I just couldn't stop looking at you. Maybe it was for the better. I noticed that you weren't getting on the train when it was departing, so I figured you had time to hang out. I tried to hide it when I was around you. I wore a hood, I tucked my tail down my sweatpants, but it was no use. You had seen that I was part Neko. For some reason, I guess this interested you. You started to talk to me, but with so many people around, I wan't able to hear what you were saying. It was all so faint at the time. You got up and started pulling me, guiding me toward the subway steps. You let me about three blocks away from the subway, to a giant mansion. I was finally able to hear you. You told me it was your house, and I asked if I could come in. We walked seemingly endless steps to the front door, and then you showed me around your house....


    That was just a preview of something I've concocted that could be used for a PM or just a public chat room. Make sure to EcchiText me if you are interested! 

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    i wanted to do something like Westworld but it be in a theme park based off  of fandom basically every thing is easy and the hero's and villains can not stop me from doing anything 

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