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    There had been rumors going around the village of a woman who attends to the needs of the lonely old men late at night. Rumors have naturally circulated around the village about what she does with them and who she is. The most common rumor is that it's the wife and shrine maiden of the local temple. Whether or not these rumors were true would only be known to her. However plenty of the young men had left the village to serve in the war, leaving the elderly to take care of themselves. The taxes placed on the peasants were high, leaving them little money to donate to the temple. Rumor was she was servicing the elderly men with her body in exchange for temple donations. Again, only rumors.

    Kenshi lived at a compound with his entire family however the fully grown men had recently left to serve in the army for the war. He was essentially left as the man of the house to look after the other women and children despite his young age. The women would often dress in a Kimono while performing her daily chores and duties to keep a sign of aristocracy for the visitors of the compound. Dignitaries and nobles alike would come around to visit their site. As the day neared it's end and Kenshi went around locking up the doors, he found his mother in the main temple, bowing and praying. The site should've been empty at that point, the large hall with the wooden floors infront of a giant Buddha statue. He tried to be quiet as he came up behind her but the hall echoed his steps. "Mother. What are you doing in here so late?" He asked her. 



    Hello there, thank you for taking the time to read over this starter idea. The primary pitch behind it is that the father has gone off to serve in the military likely against his will. Leaving behind his family at the family temple that they run. As the war has raged on, taxes have been raised on the peasants leaving less money for them to donate to the temple. The mother originally a healer had taken it on herself to continue her healing duties until one night a village elder had offered her coin for sex. Against her better judgement she took the deal and realized just how much she likes it, slinging her into the pits of debauchery as she became the town whore for the sake of keeping the family temple afloat. OR THIS COULD ALL JUST BE A RUMOR. You decide as the other writer. 

    Overall I want this story to focus on how the mother & son form an unnatural bond with one another. Elements including how the son takes on the father's role in his absence and including what the family will do to survive or will they embrace this new found debauchery. 

    As a writer I love improvisation. There is nothing better than being thrown a story curveball and playing off of it. This doesn't mean have aliens beam down into the temple hall and abduct them but I would have no problem if village guards stormed in and arrested her. Perhaps even a fellow aunt is spying on the mother & son. I just love things I do not see coming but also do not break the suspension of disbelief. 



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