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  • Female GM seeks male for a Longterm Cyberpunk story

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    Hello everyone I am that cute girl next door and I have desires. I am relatively new to the site and have found it to be a very wonderful community full of fun and supportive people. I like it here and I think I'll stay, plus I have some pretty cute neighbors. So I have found a couple partners amongst your numbers and have been enjoying our games and thus I have decided on adding a new one to the rankings. I must warn you that I am a bit picky and there is only one slot, so don't get upset if you're not invited to this very exclusive party. Games end or I get more frisky, so there is always time to join the game. God I don't mean to come off as a narcissist honestly, I usually think that I suck at writing, so you're not missing out on anything.


    I have gone through many kinks as I write and I tend to stick to the ones that I am feeling at the moment. Over the past few years I have really enjoyed world building and building characters. It's only natural that I mix my real world love for Gming tabletop rpgs with my love for online smut roleplaying. That's where we meet, at that crossroad, so I am looking for male character to GM through a Cyberpunk adventure full of aliens and monster girls. But I am looking for a particular person. Normally I would never step in on character creation, but today I have a few caveats. I am looking for someone to play an aged bounty hunter, someone past their prime but makes up for it with wisdom. I am looking for a cigar smoking, whiskey drinking, foul mouthed human that isn't afraid of doing a few space drugs, getting in a bar fight, or a fire fight at that. I am looking for a big strong alpha with scared abs and has seen his fair share of shit. Now that is all where I will step in and ask of your character, everything else is up to you.


    As for the story, well it's pretty simple. I will give you a cluster of bounties to choose from and we will play out that story. Full of adrenaline packed action and dreadfully smutty sex. I value story first and smut second so dont expect to get into the sex in a couple posts, trust me I will make you workfor it. But, I have been told that I am a good enough writer that it's worth it. I have a wide range of kinks and your character will always be the badass both on the battlefield and in the bedroom. You could find yourself fucking a big breasted alien princess in front of her husband one mission or gangbanging a half fox drug addicted stripper in a back alley on the next. So if you have any particular kink that you're looking to fulfil then I am afraid that you came to the wrong place. I will play a wide range of girls from younger to older, thin to thick, and voluptuous to scrawny. 


    I like someone who is literate at least, leaning more toward the articulate types but it's not a deal breaker. I tend to write at least a couple paragraphs each post and would hope that you reward my lengthy posts and ability to build the worlds and play all of the NPCs by at least returning the favor with a couple paragraphs. I only write in the third persian and ask that my partner does the same.


    Anyways I am starting to ramble so if you have made it to this point and are still interested shoot me a Ecchitext.

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